Dr. Strange 2 could bring back the big heros of the Marvel comics, and see


With Doctor Strange, in the Reign of Madness that is defined for you to explore officially be alternate realities, in the following you can bring back some of the characters who are dead or who no longer exist in the time line of the main MCU. Benedict Cumberbatch will return for the second film in the soil, such as the wizard of the title, after their passage in the Avengers: Infinite War, and Avengers: Ultimate, but it won’t be the only one Appearing in the new film.

Doctor Strange into the Real of Madness, has been officially announced, in 2019, and was due to be released in may 2021. Unfortunately, due to the multi-coronavirus-in-progress, the film has been pushed back to November, 2021, five years after the first film was released.

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And while Scott Derrickson was returning to first to drive in, and he left the project and was replaced by Sam Raimi, who is currently heading up his first super-hero movie since Spider-Man 3 in 2007.

Although there are not many details of the story, it has been confirmed that a Doctor Strange when I first Saw it in the Madness, it connects to the next in a series of Disney and a+, WandaVision and Night. The Scarlet Witch Elizabeth Olsen will also appear in the sequel, although there’s still no word on whether Loki, Tom Hiddleston will also return.

In addition to this, it is not clear whether Cumberbatch will appear in one of the programs in order to establish these connections. However, considering the very title of the film itself, it’s safe to assume that the narrative will be explored in the next in ways that have never been seen before.

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This gives Marvel the opportunity to bring back some of the characters that don’t exist anymore in the time-line of the main MCU.

Stephen Strange and Tony Stark don’t meet in person for a very long time, even though they both live in New York city. The two were brought together by the imminent threat of Thanos in Avengers: Infinite War, and fought side by side with that of many other heroes, the home of Thanos, the Titan.

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While I knew of the tragic fate of Tony, the five years prior to the Upcoming Deadline, after she had looked at in the future, offering more than 14 million potential scenarios. In the Marvel comics, you can check out some of these other possibilities, we may even be moving ahead with the idea, thrown out of a Stranger dressed in a suit from the “Iron Man”.

Apparently, this was filmed on the set of the Avengers: Infinite War. Doctor Strange, in the Reign of Madness, you can redirect to the above mentioned shooting it in ways that will fit into the narrative of the sequence.

If not, they can just travel to a multitude of alternate realities, as part of its next mission to land and find a different version of Tony Stark.

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As for the ‘Captain America’ no longer exists in the current timeline of the MCU, and the super soldier is still alive. Unlike Tony, who is definitely not dead, in fact the principal, Mr. Rogers, has decided to retire as a super-hero, going, officially, the shield to Sam Wilson.

Depending on who you ask, Steve Rogers could have just gone back in time-to-live-with Peggy Carter, or you’ve created a time-line of the branch. Assuming it’s the latter case, it is the mission of the Stranger can be in the Doctor Strange when I first Saw it in the Madness, to bring him to that alternate timeline, in which the one Steve is married to Peggy.

This would also actually explain the issues that exist on the destination, confused as spider-man. The Marvel is not yet ready to tackle it, but it could simply be interacting with a version that is completely different from Steve’s in another universe.

Regardless of this fact, because they don’t know each other very well, you see, Doctor Strange, and spider-man interacting with the film for the first time, it would be fun for the fans.

With that, Wanda Maximoff is confirmed to appear in Doctor Strange, in the Reign of the Madness of the Marvel universe you can try to bring it back to his brother, Peter. Making their debut in Avengers: The Age of Ultron, Quicksilver, appeared in only one film in the franchise.

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Over the years, the rumors and speculation, it would have been a persistent, but of course nothing came out of them. Doctor Strange, in the Reign of Madness does not only offer a relatively easy way to reclaim the Mercury, and potentially getting a version of survivor in a row of a different time, but it can also justify it with the sister involved in the story.

That is the only one in the position of Mercury is that Marvel could reintroduce it into the stream, and keep him as a key figure in the MCU in the future. Whereas, with the introduction of the impending X-Men in the franchise, so it makes a lot of sense.

In addition to the appearance of the Scarlet Witch in a Dr. Strange into the Real of Madness, the movie will also have connections to the WandaVision, in a series that will feature the android Vision. There is no official word on if Cumberbatch will reprise his role in the WandaVision, but theories suggest that they will bring to the twin sons of Wanda and the Vision of the comic, Billy and Tommy Maximoff, to the MCU.

For context, the View was not among the ones that have been raised at the Upcoming Deadline, and then as it returns, it is still a big issue. Under the terms of the series a WandaVision it will be released before Doctor Strange when I first Saw it in the Madness of what it means to the fans to see the Sight before her appearance on the potential of the film.

That being said, the involvement of potential, While in the series it can cause a series of events that will be considered to be in his movie, and one of them could be related to the supposed death and resurrection of a Vision.

As the last person to have used the Fees from time to Time (excluding the two rings at the Upcoming Deadline), and Doctor Strange into the Real in the Madness, it can also bring you back to His. With the Titan, the Mad and destroyed the Gems of the Infinity at the beginning of the Upcoming Deadline, possibly starting with the Reign of Madness, as the Gems that are essential in order to safeguard the reality.

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This is the reason why the Stranger was adamant about not surrendering to the Delight of the Time-in the Avengers: Infinite War, before finding out that giving up was the only way to beat the bad guy. However, when spider-man returned to the Jewelry that they got from the Robbery at the Time of their respective times and places, and that leaves the Stranger without his or her weapon.

While you could travel through the multiverse, a place where he could find His in the hope to get to the Jewel of the Time, again and again, so that he could adequately protect the reality for which it is responsible.

The mentor of Doctor Strange, he died during the events of the original film, but it came out in the Avengers: Ultimate mission for the Heist, in Time for the Battle of New York. For example, the title of Doctor Strange, in the Reign of the Madness involves, it is expected that the multiverse is an integral part of the story, and no one in the MCU explained it better, now that I am an Old woman.

Because of this, it makes sense for it to be in the wake of a number of ways, but it’s more likely that it would provide guidance to the Doctor, a Stranger, when he is to embark in a new mission. As for the other heroes, Strange as it may to find a different version of the character, as he ventures into alternate universes in the movie.

Doctor Strange, in the Reign of Madness, with so much emphasis on the Marvel comic by 2021 it may be an indication of just how important it is to feed to the MCU. As with the first film, it was the port of entry of the franchise into the world of the mystic, the sequel will open their door to alternate universes, some of which may have been set during the events of Avengers: Ultimatum.

Because of this, it also makes sense that they will put in the most number of special appearances in the film to appeal to a wider audience.