Dr. Strange (2), The Eternal spirit, and all the Marvel movies in 2021


After the changes are for the account of the coronavirus, Disney announced new dates for their upcoming films. Doctor Strange, in the Reign of the Madness it will be released in Brazil on October 28, 2021, which is a week before the premiere in theaters in the United States, scheduled for November 5 of this year. The same is true for The Black Widow, a feature film directed by Scarlett Johansonthat will be posted here prior to the opening of the north-american one.

Coming to the movie theaters, too, in 2021, which is the The Eternal and Shang-Chi-and-The-Legend-of-The-Ten-Rings.

Doctor Strange, in the Reign of the Madness you will have to return to Benedict Cumberbatch the role of the Sorcerer Supreme. The sequence begins with the run-in to may 2020, according to Benedict Wongthe Me – find out more. In addition to this, the Scarlet Witch, which he or she lives Elizabeth Olsenwill be present in the long, which will connect with the series Wandavision.

The director of the first film Scott Derrickson he left in the direction of the feature in January, due to creative differences. Today, Marvel is negotiating with the Sam Raimithe director of the first trilogy of Spider-Man, to replace him.

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