Dwayne Johnson makes a surprise revelation about the Fast and the Furious


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in the Fast and the Furious (Picture: Handout)

Dwayane “The Rock”Johnson has been developed the success of the Hobbs & Shawit was the decisive factor to which they were committed to new projects in the the spin-offs for Fast and the Furiousas for the production of a product entirely focused on the female characters of the series.

“If you [Hobbs & Shaw] did not work, they do not develop any other derivative of it. It was a great success, and now they are talking about is a derivative of the female characters. I know that Vin Diesel it is going to produce this one, and I’m so excited”, he reported to Johnson. The announcement was made during a live held on Instagram, at the time, the actor responded to the messages of a lot of fans, and even commented on, and explained that the project is in progress.

The actor was also being developed in a sequel of the Fast and the Furious: Hobbs, & Shaw). “We’re working on a new movie, I am very excited about this. You only need to set the creative direction, which direction we want to go”, “said the actor. Johnson then spoke about the importance of the feature, which paved the way for the many that are derived from the franchise that started with a Vin Diesel. “Thank you for making this film a success”he expressed his appreciation for The Music.

Vin Diesel had stated at the beginning of last year, that is in the movie, Nicole Perlman (Captain Marvel, Guardiçoes of the Galaxy), Lindsey de Beer (Sierra Burgess is a Loser), and Geneva Robertson-Dworet (Captain Marvel), and was chosen to be part of the team that is going to create, the derivative of the Fast and the Furious, with the story focusing on female characters.

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Adam Black

In the within of the industry in Hollywood, The Rock is also set to live, the hero is Adam Black in the movie theatres within the world of DC. About the character, the player has revealed that he is going to mess up with the hierarchy of the DCEU.

The producer, Hiram Garcia, said in a recent interview with ComicBook, Adam Black, as well as a Shazam! they will have their own stories, in addition to bringing in new characters for the next movie.

“First of all, it is the same as the world of Shazam!, but we’re doing all the things separately. We’re doing things our own way, we are beginning to create a universe in DC’s around the Adam’s Dark, Shazam and the rest of the characters that we are going to introduce. Because we are in love with the idea of a universe that is shared. I think the fans love it, too. They love to see the interactions between the characters. So, we have ambitious plans. How are we going to do it, and orchestrate it all, it’s in development,” Garcia said at the time.

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