Elizabeth Olsen (|9 movies, plus the Avengers


Born on February 16, 1989), american actress Elizabeth Olsen a full 31-years-old on Sunday.

She is best known for her role as Scarlet Witch (Taiwan) in the movies in the franchise The avengersbut his resume includes a lot of other incredible films that explore the versatility of the artist.

Meet the 9 films, Elizabeth Olsen:

1. Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011)

The executive summary: Martha (Elizabeth Olsen) has been a member of a cult and is now trying to get the life in the company of the family of his sister. She has terrible nightmares, related to a time when it was controlled by the leader of the cult. This is the beginning of a process, the paranoia, the constant, as Martha, who is believed to be guarded all the time by old friends.

2. The Silent House (2011)

The executive summary: A young woman Sarah (Elizabeth Olsen), her father John (Adam Trese) and uncle Peter (Eric Sheffer Stevens) are fixing up an old cottage from the family, and now abandoned, with the intention of putting it up for sale. When the two men get in an argument, Peter resolves to take a rest and go back to the city, leaving Sarah and her father alone in the house. It’s just that, for the few, and the facts of the strangers that happen into the house, leaving Sarah’s increasingly panicked.

3. Love story (2012)

The executive summaryAlready in their early 30s, Jesse Fisher (Josh Radnor) returns to the university to take part in the celebration of the retirement of one of their former teachers. There, he finds that little has changed since he left, and meets Zibby (Elizabeth Olsen), a beautiful young woman for the second year, with whom he gets involved.

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4. Oldboy: Dias de Vingança (2013)

The executive summaryJoe Ducett (Josh Brolin) is a man who is arrogant and reckless, who faces problems at work and with your family. One day, he wakes up in a room, only to find that it was locked from the inside. Over the next 20 years, Joe remains in captivity, not knowing who kidnapped her or of the reasons for this action. In the meantime, he finds out on television that his ex-wife has been murdered, and that he is the prime suspect. One day, Joe is released into the atmosphere. With the help of a social worker (Elizabeth Olsen), he will only have three more days to find out who was responsible for his imprisonment, because he was arrested, and, above all, because it was free.

5. Very Good Girls (2013)

The executive summaryThe two friends make a pact to lose their virginity together during the first summer after they leave school. However, they do fall in love with the same boy, a street artist, and, for the first time, the friendship of the two is put at risk.

6. Godzilla (2014)

The executive summaryJoe Brody (Bryan Cranston) created the child alone after the death of his wife (Juliette Binoche) in a freak accident at the nuclear power plant where they both worked, Japan. He has never accepted the disaster, and two years later, still mulling over what had happened, trying to find an explanation. Ford Brody (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), now adult, a soldier in the american army and must fight desperately to save the world’s people – especially his family – the giant, unwavering and incredibly scary monster Godzilla.

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7. The day of Hank Williams (2015)

The executive summary: Cinebiografia of Hank Williams, the famous singer-songwriter and american country music in the 20th century, and that he is married to Audrey Mae Williams (Elizabeth Olsen). The film chronicles the rapid rise of Hank Williams (Tom Hiddleston), to fame, to becoming a popular singer, and how it has affected his personal life.

8. The Land’s Wild (2017)

The executive summary: Cory (Jeremy Renner), a hunter of coyotes, and predators are traumatized by the death of a teen daughter, he finds the frozen body of a young girl in the middle of nowhere, and he decides to launch an investigation into the crime. Next to him is an agent with new FBI agent (Elizabeth Olsen), who did not know the area.

9. But The Goes-West (2017)

The executive summary: In the woods (Aubrey Plaza) is a young woman who is a major idol of the people in the social network. It’s more like it, Taylor, Sloane (Elizabeth Olsen), a very famous and one lives a seemingly perfect. Who’s obsessed, But he decides to give up everything and move closer to Taylor’s, and putting in place a plan to become his best friend. However, what seems to be more of a behavior of the fan, if it makes for a few disturbing and dangerous.

Outside of the franchise, the Avengers, what’s your favorite movie with Elizabeth Olsen? Tell us what you think.

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