Emma Stone could be joining the MCU, check for the possible role of an actress


Emma Stone may be getting ready to make a comeback in the Marvel universe.

According to a rumour shared by the Looper, the Stone is now being listed for the role of Abigail Brand is a mutant and an agent of the organization known as the SWORD in the WandaVision, in a series of Disney+.

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Recent photos behind-the-scenes people confirmed that the organisation is a counterpart of the SHIELD, which specializes in protecting the Earth from threats of a variety of alien-will make its debut in the series in the Marvel universe.

Since it’s debut in the pages of Marvel comics in 2004, and the SWORD was handled by Abigail Brand’, a kind of Nick Fury, and green-haired, and one line only. The product of a union between a father and an alien, and a mother of a middle-aged, the Brand is only half-human, and in the comic she has the power of a mutant to create a burst of blue energy, powerful enough to incinerate most of the metals on earth.

Thanks be to the father, but she also has a tongue of a strange format that allows you to chat in a dialect alien, impossible for a human being.

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Those rumors about the MCU, they should be treated as a speculation, but if they are concrete, Stone, would have his second chance at life in the Marvel universe.

The actress has played Gwen Stacy in The Spectacular Spider-Man and its follow-up, when Andrew Garfield was interviewed by the Head of the Web from the Marvel universe.

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Despite the fact that the movies are not exactly loved by the fans of comic books, the work of the Stone, and his approach to it as the love interest of Spider-Man has always been highly regarded.

WandaVision of Marvel comics, will make his debut in 2021.