Gal Gadot joins Natalie Portman, and others sing ‘Imagine’ and to show their support in a crisis


The artists have done v
The artists made a video as a collaborative inspired by the wave of a song through the History (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

The actress is Gal Gadot, known as the ” heroine Wonder Woman movie, has made a video in collaboration with other artists, in which each one sings a snippet of the song ImagineJohn Lennon’s.

The idea came to give solidarity with the victims of the coronavirus, and is also based on the waveform of the song in the windows and balconies of the one who has been quarantined by the world, especially in Italy.

In the video, in addition to the Lags involved name as the actress Natalie Portman, a presenter, Jimmy Fallon, the singer, Sia, and actors Mark ruffalo’s hairstyles, Amy Adams, and Kristen Wiig.

“We’re in it together and we’ll be going through it together,” tweeted a Lag in the caption of the video. Watch:

In the midst of a pandemic of a coronavirus, artists have used their influence, and been made manifest to the people to follow procedures which help to prevent infection.

And the Gal is one of them. On Instagram, she published a picture of his house, and he wrote, “to Stay in the house, it’s my superpower, and just for you! Please take care of yourself, your loved ones, and for all of us. In this situation, it should not be treated the way you play fast and loose with. The sooner we get home, and we prevent from getting this virus is super contagious, the sooner we will be able to go back to our routines without losing touch with life.”

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