Gwyneth Paltrow gives the dress that is already classified as a “basiquinho” to be auctioned off for charity – Notes – Glamurama

Gwyneth Paltrow and CK-controversial || Credits: Play

Gwyneth Paltrow announced the end of the week to be donated to the charity, with a gown that is used in the academy awards in 2000, when he handed the statuette for Best Actress, for Hilary Swank, a year after he received the same award in the previous edition of the award, (for “Shakespeare in Love”). The piece is a shade of silver that was gifted to the founder of the lifestyle brand Goop! the Calvin Klein’s at the time, and it will be auctioned off in support of a campaign by the american NGO, the All-In Challenge in order to raise resources for the food banks in the United States, which at the time of the multi-Covid-19 are currently going through a shaking.

Leonardo DiCaprio is committed to the same cause, as Glamurama had in the past week, except that in the case of Comedy, there is a “faux pas”, which was quickly picked up by followers of her on Instagram, where the wife of Brad Falchuk announced that the good action is the very same that she had to give was added by an actress in a list-operation on their best and worst looks on the red carpet, one of the least memorable. “It’s just a basiquinho’,” was as a Comedy called when you made the withdrawal.

“You are finally in deferred donate as soon as the dress described it as one of your worst choices in the ‘fashion’, and unworthy of a great party in the movie?”, asked one fan, while another suggested that Paltrow should donate money, not clothing, that you are never going to use it,” to the victims of the new coronavirus. The pros and cons of the hollywood blockbuster ” explained first of all that one may think of his CK is perfect for the stage of the fashion in which we live, with a number of trends in the late 1990s of being rescued. (For The Anderson’s Market)

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