Hailee Steinfeld releases a new single, “I Love You’s”, listen to it right now!!!


Hailee Steinfeld (Playing/Internet)

Hailee Steinfeld you have just presented their new a single“I Love Yous” on all the apps, music,. The song was inspired by the success of “no More I Love You’s of Annie Lenox, and it’s about time to yourself for healing and self-love.

It is the first one that appears in the new project, Hailee, which is to be presented in a two-step, and you do your first set to be released in may. In January, the singer / actress is nominated for an Oscar released the “Wrong Direction”, a sappy ballad that talks about the end of a relationship. The track came accompanied by a lyric video.

In the year 2018, Hailee performed the song “Back To Life” , which is part of the soundtrack of the movie “Note that the” the franchise “This”. Hailee took to the charts with his a single in the premiere, “Love Myself,” which by far exceeds today’s total of 440 million stream the only in Spotify, as your relationship with the generator sets running, and Flo Rida, ‘Let Me Go’, has more than 700 million streams on the platform.

It gives play to watch the lyric video for “I Love You’s”:

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