Halle Berry says that Pierce Brosnan will have saved a life in the ‘007’


Hall John has decided to share it with the world, with a remarkable episode that took place during the filming of the saga, ‘007’, ‘Die Another Day’.

In a chat with host Jimmy Fallon through an videothe actress he recalled the time when the co-worker’s Death Film you saved my life.

“I was supposed to be a very sexy and trying to seduce him while he was eating a fig, but I ended up choking. In the Race he had to stand up and do the Heimlich maneuver,” she said, pointing out that if it were not for the quick the reaction the peer – who has performed the procedure on first aid to clear an obstruction in the windpipe (trachea), it could have happened something more serious.

“This was not at all sexy,” joked the actressthat has made it a point to show their admiration for Pierce. “He was there for me at the time, and there will always be one of my favorite people” on his.

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