Hobbs & Shaw, ” has a new movie confirmed by Dwayne Johnson


If you liked the first one, you know that Hobbs & Shaw, gain a following. The confirmation came up for Instagram from none other than Dwayne Johnson “the Rock”. The ad has been up for a live platform for the actor.

“Right now, we have been developing in the next video[[in Hobbs, & Shaw,]and I’m pretty excited about it… we Just need to find the creative direction and the path we will follow,” said Johnson, who plays Hobbs.

There is still no new information about the sequel, but what we can say is that it certainly is weight. It is worth noting that the first spin-off, it had a turnover of US$ 720 million, including the the new “Ii: Ultimatum”.

Scene, Hobbs, & Shaw,
Hobbs & Shaw

It also doesn’t have a date for the premiere. However, we can maratonar meanwhile, all of the films in the Fast and the Furious. Which one?

So, to be here with a trailer, Hobbs, & Shaw, who have already been to the big screen.

In the first story in the burly police officer Luke Hobbs, joined to the outside of the law, Deckard Shaw, to fight against a group of genetically-enhanced, which has the force of a human. But, what can you expect from a film with these two figures? What we do know, in fact it is certainly that these two have great chemistry together on the screen. We’re going to wait!

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