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Sophie Turner:
the actress from “Game of Thrones” star
to “Survive” (Credit: Handout)

The film has shrunk and it is a side effect of the coronavirus. He came to Brazil at the beginning of the month, Quibi, streaming service is unique to the mobile phone. Movies and tv shows with no more than ten minutes in length. The format has attracted big names from Hollywood, such as directors Steven Spielberg, Guillermo Del Toro, and Sam Raimi, in addition to the star category of Chris Rock, Zac Efron, and Naomi Watts. In the name of “Quibi” comes from the portmanteau of the words “Quick” and “Bites,” and the meaning is something like “bites quick. The focus is on the health care they need, with Corey Hawkins, and Sophie Turner, Sansa Stark from “Games of Thrones”. In the episodes of the daily double if you can survive a plane crash that left him alone in a pile of snow. The only thing that isn’t is a little on the Quibi’s investment in companies such as Disney, Sony Pictures, and Warner Bros. has already put R$ R $ 9,2 billion on the platform set up by the former president of Disney, founder of Dreamworks, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and Meg Whitman, of eBay. In the first week, the app has been downloaded 1.7 million times. In Brazil, the price of the salt: the monthly subscription cost of R$ 32,90, but is it possible to get a test for three months free of charge.

The names of the weight is on the cell phone

The disclosure

The Quibi allows for creative and customized to the user. The number of ” terror “After Dark” (After the Darkness), Steven Spielberg (pictured), for example, you are going to use the time on the phone to make sure that the show can be seen only at night. In the “Thanks a Million”, and names such as Jennifer Lopez, and Kevin Hart, to create a stream of donations that benefit the people who have helped in the early stages of their career. There are even reality tv shows and tv shows, such as “Fierce King”, where the actress Reesse Whiterspoon explore all the females in the animal kingdom, and “the Gayme Show,” in which Matt Rogers and Dave Mizzoni present challenges in the world of LGBT people.

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