Hozier does a cover of “Toxic” from Britney Spears in quarantine.


During their quarantine, Hozier he made a show of online that will entertain your audience. One of the highlights of the broadcast was his cover of “Toxic”, the Britney Spears which, as it turned out, was awarded a calm tone in the voice band. Check it out:

His latest album, the Game On, Baby!it was released in 2019, following the success of Hozier had five years earlier with her first album. The debut featured the hit “Take Me To Church” and “Jackie and Wilson” and “Cherry Wine”.

The effect of Coronavirus on pop culture

The COVID-19 is a new mutation in the family of coronavirus that is spreading at alarming rates, as of December 2019 at the latest. China was the first country to be a victim of the epidemic, with infections and deaths, are confirmed in all the provinces. Since then, the virus has been confirmed on four different continents, including South America, where Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

Films such as 007 – No Time To Die, Fast and the Furious 9, All Year Round 2, Mulan, The New Mutants among others, they have had their debuts delayed because of the pandemic. Between the ages of 13 and 15 march, the United States has reported its worst fundraising in the past 20 years at the box office.

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