In Brazil, life imitates the movies from Sandra Bullock, and has no influence on the satanic – 26/01/2020 ” – Ricardo Araújo Pereira


Those who turn away from philosophical reasoning, and the power of deduction, of logic, just sit back, watch and be ashamed.

After Roberto Alvim, has been trying to hire your own wife, you have indicated to the president of Funarte, a man who thinks that the rock turns a drug that turns on the basis of sex which enables the industry to the crisis, has been appointed to the board of the Foundation in this Table, the author in the sentence “slavery was terrible, but it’s beneficial to all the descendants”, and you have made a video of it explanava the project for the brazilian culture with a sentence close to that of Goebbels, and with the sound of Wagner, the philosopher, Olavo de Carvalho, brazil: “It is too early to judge, but Roberto Alvim, it may not be very good for the mind.”

This insight, which is natural in one who is able to start with associated flashing’s kind of more intricate, it is not beyond the reach of any philosopher. And that, in assessing the proper tips, you could have come to that conclusion, perhaps if they had cast a final judgment, as the case called for, of course, in the prudence of the one, “it is too early to judge,” the possibility of a “maybe” on the smoothness of perifrástica a “not very good”.

It required some caution, because, for a few days, and has developed a theory according to which a surrogate infiltration is thought to have written the speech, and introduced the phrase of Goebbels, playing a strategy that is used in a movie with Sandra Bullock.

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They were in care are justified, as in other countries, life imitates art, then the more likely it was that the Brazil’s jair bolsonaro, a life to imitate the movies of Sandra Bullock.

It was then, finally, Roberto Alvim, has solved the mystery: “he is the type of the text, without any assistance or intervention from the staff. And ended by saying, “I Am praying non-stop, and I begin to suspect is not a human action, but an action is satanic in all this is a horrible story.”

Suddenly, brazilian foreign policy was not under the influence, indirectly as a result of Sandra Bullock, but is under the direct influence of Satan himself.

Not surprisingly, the Post was much more insidious than that is the Sandra: entering surreptitiously in a sentence in the speech, it would just be cruel. The truly evil is to bring it to the author to write it of your own free will. After all, Alvim, she was well on the head. As well, the devil, probably because they think the space is large and airy, he decided to go back to it.