Intermittent fasting is the secret to Halle Berry’s (and other celebrities) to have a gorgeous body


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There are lots of diets in the fitness world that promise a significant reduction in weight, but none of them is so famed (and crowded) as well as the intermittent fasting. But this process is not a scheme in itself: it is a pattern that can change the times at which you eat. Combined with a healthy balanced diet can help you lose up to 4 pounds per week.

Intermittent fasting, in Hollywood

It has gained massive popularity among the Hollywood celebritiesbecause there are so many followers of this method of weight loss that have obtained very good results. One of them is Chris Pratt, who in an article in the Intagram Storieo ensured that it does the fast flash of 16/8 (if one feeds an 8-hour-per-day and is not eating anything for the next 16 hours)

The american actor said that it does not consume any of the food even in the middle of the day, and do cardio in the morning, to keep fit for his role, just like in the movies “the Guardians of the Galaxy” and “the World Jurassic period”.

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The 52-year-old actress Halle Berry is also practicing this kind of fasting, in combination with a diet, keto or ketogenic of free-of-carbohydrates-processed).

Another famous one which uses this power supply is of the Same Name, which ensures that you will not only help you sleep better, but it also allows him to be in the fastest way to live with the characters in the movie for the action.

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Intermittent fasting is good?

According to several studies, such as the one at Orange Park Medical Center in the United States, the weight reduction with the intermittent fasting has also been observed in people of normal weight, overweight, and morbidly obese.

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There is even one study from the u.s. Department of Immunology, and the Science of Microbe in the Hospital in La Jolla, Calif., who suggested the technique as an important tool in people with Alzheimer’s disease.

How does a intermittent fasting?

There are two ways to do it, the first one is do not eat anything for 16 hours or so, but you may drink water, black coffee, or a drink low in calories, and consuming food only for eight hours a day. For example, the consumption of food only from 14 to 22 hours.

The second method is to not eat anything for two times a week, eat only five hundred calories, then go back to your normal diet.

What are the drawbacks with intermittent fasting?

Nothing is perfect, and the intermittent fasting is a good example of this. Although its effectiveness has been shown to reduce the size and weight of it, the fast it can cause problems such as irritability and concentration problems (why do you think a lot of eating).

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It can also be bad for your health if you do it continuously, that is, it is not a project for the reduction of weight is sustainable for a few weeks, as has been shown by research in the Department of Nutrition at the University of Chicago.

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The other issue is that if you do not have a well-balanced diet, the tendency is to overdo it when it feeds during the hours that they are allowed their meals.

Intermittent fasting: how to get started?