Jennifer Lopez, and friends to make donations in the form of a new program


On the 6th of April and the premiere on the new platform for streaming on Quibi, in the new series, Jennifer Lopez’s, where she and a group of celebrities as well as to highlight how acts of kindness can connect us in amazing ways.

The show is called Thanks a Million, (a million thanks), and that follows 10 celebrities as they start the chain of kindness by giving$ us100, 000 (US$ 517 million), a person, and we need to move forward. This person will have to donate half of the money to the other person, and, from there, the power of loving-kindness.

The trailer, released on Tuesday (may 31), and J-Lo who is also the executive producer on the project, explained that each of the celebrity you have selected a person who has made a profound difference in your life.

In the 10 episodes, or$ 1,000,000 (US$ 5,17 million) which will be placed in the hands of the common people.

Take part in the first season, Jennifer davis, Kristen Bell and Nick Jonas, Tracy Morgan, Aaron Rodgers, Yara Shahidi, Gabriel Iglesias, Anthony Davis, Kevin Hart, and Karlie Kloss.

The new platform, Quibi is focused on high-quality content for a new generation, telling a story in chapters of 10 minutes or less. The word on Quibi is an acronym for ‘quick bites’ – as a ‘healer’s fast track.

The app is now available for pre-order. The streaming service is currently offering a free 90-day trial for those who sign up for the prior to the 30th day of April.

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“Now, more than ever, it is time to give back. Come join me to start a chain of kindness in my new series of the #ThanksAMillion.”, he indicated a star in the video sharing about a new program.

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Donald Trump asks for advice

According to the station’s americana ABC, the us president, Donald Trump would have called the mother to Alex Rodriguez, the groom of Jennifer Lopez, to get to know their views on the government’s response to the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country.

Several of the reporters on the ABC, revealed that the supposed conversation between Trump and the star in the MLB on Friday (27th) in the evening, in a series of tweets.

Sources said Trump contacted him Well in the Oval office, because the walk, talking with a businessman in the united states on the position that the government should take in relation to the pandemic.

During the day of the marathon meetings at the start of this week, the president, Trump continued his outreach on the coronavirus, and he called on the ex-baseball player, Alex Rodriguez,” wrote the journalist John Santucc.

Sources have told the ABC that the Rodriguez said that in connection with Trump were ‘nice’, adding that it is neither Rodriguez or J-Lo would have to make any effort official.

A source close to Rodriguez told ABC News that Trump was looking for ideas for A-Rod, with regard to the response to the coronavirus, as the president comes to talk with business leaders, and others, to get feedback on the direction to be taken in relation to the issue of the coronavirus in the us government.

“The call, by asking the opinion of A-Rod, he was part of the constant contact of Trump all over the country about it. Trump has spent much of the week talking with business leaders about how the country is coping with the pandemic,” wrote Katherine Faulders.

It should be noted that Alex Rodriguez is not a medical expert, nor do you work in the public health field, this is why Donald Trump has been heavily criticized.

Later on, the american president stated that the conversation doesn’t have anything to do with the crisis in health care and the economy.

“A lot of the media are writing and broadcasting stories, with the facts invented and consciously in the wrong,” wrote Trump. “They are doing so by citing sources that were not identified, it simply does not exist. They are very dangerous and corrupt, they will do everything they can to win.” PLEASE NAME YOUR SOURCE!”, fumed Trump.