Jennifer Lopez has a gym opening up only to her: ‘poor example’

The outbreak of a new coronaviruses he came to change a lot in the lives of all people. All over the world, there are a number of things that people have to do without in your life right now. The general recommendation is to maintain people in their own homes wherever possible, avoiding the spread the infection. So, to all the bars, restaurants, hair salons and gyms they are a few of the many services to the public that they are closing in some areas. However, there are some people that have some of the amenities.

Jennifer Lopez has a gym just for her

Of course, that is not the same as doing the insulation in a small apartment, such as a luxury villa, with outdoor space. All over the world have realized that in this situation, the days, weeks, and, unfortunately, it will be months and, in isolation, is not equally hard for everyone. So, for those who have children the small would be more of a challenge as of yet. After all, many of the or were surprised to see it, knowing that the life of the game, it’s just a little bit easier for those who have the most money.

However, the fact remains that at a time like this, of a pandemic, it is not easy for anyone. Recently, a lot of celebrities they are appealing for people to stay in their homes, but they are the things that you’re talking about. In this regard, Jennifer Lopez and the groom, With Alex Rodriguez.are being well received by the media.

Celebrity to a lot of criticism

The beauty of Latin is getting a special treatment, which did not please the fans, when it was permitted to her for the exclusive use of a fitness center in Miami, during the stoppage of the coronavirus. Even though the gym has been closed for all of the people, while maintaining those measures for social distancing, it hasn’t happened for a couple of celebrities.

So, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were at the academy, which was opened exclusively for them. In a piece of paper on the door, and you can read it in the picture: “This facility is not always open, stay home, stay safe.” This would be to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, thus protecting the customers but also the employees.However, they had to get out of your security, so that the couple would have had, and to the driver, the couple also had to move out of the house, leading the two into the training.

The fans did not like the idea, and you are criticizing a lot of this “selfishness” from the blog. “These people, they think only about themselves”, “Amazing how to allow you to do this”, “Rich as they are, they could have a gym in their own home, unfortunate” or “they Are ridiculous”these are some of the comments on this behavior by Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.