Justin Bieber was the customization of the car, the girl, 15 years old, and she has the best answer. Come and see


A fire in the playground of amusement! The last of the feud between the famous, it is one that we never would have expected: Justin Bieber got into an argument through social networks, with JoJo Siwa, a girl of 15 years, the most well-known in the United States, “Dance Moms”. However, JoJo has a very active career… in addition to having appeared in a number of attractions for the Singer, a young woman, she has a channel on YouTube with over 8.5 million subscribers, and a hit single called “Boomerang”. It is best for you?

Recently, Well, very, very powerful, he ordered a custom BMW with a different color, and a photo of you printed on the hood (yes, that’s right, you read it, lol). The image of the star, with his big car tuned it was posted on Instagram of the company that did the customization, the West Coast Customs:

Who else saw the picture and decided to manifest itself was the star Justin Bieber, said with simplicity: “Burn it.” Check them out below:

Justin Bieber was straight to the point. Ever. (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Imagine what it is like for a young girl of 15 years old to have Justin Bieber took the car for it to be burned? Well it was quite mad, and began to tweet a series of messages. The girl gave a RT of someone asking: “What are you mad now?” Your answer: “Burn it.”

“Justin Bieber ” commented on a photo of my car. He said, ” burn it!”, said in another message, you are clearly affected.

“BURN IT,” you have played the message in another tweet, this time in all caps.

However, our preference is for this picture that she posted on her Instagram, in seems to be quite happy getting a Justin Bieber cardboard in the lift in his big car convertible. 10/10 for the creativity, Well!

When he saw that I had caused the controversy is unnecessary, and the star of “What Do You Mean?” he decided to be a part of a mature discussion, and would have ended the matter and apologized to the girl, “Well, I don’t have anything against you, it was just the car and the color, which I didn’t like it. I really hope you don’t think that I was evil or have been evil in intent.”. All is well, right?

In response to the singer, JoJo, has sent a great balcony: “It’s all right, man! You may turn out to be on my birthday, 16 years ago, and we’re even”.

Smartass, a little girl, right? For most fights bobinhas like this in 2019!

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