Kanye West expresses support for a Trump, and asks: ‘do I Need to be a democrat?’ – 25/03/2020


Kanye West is on the cover of a magazine belonging to the american newspaper The Wall Street Journal. In an interview published today, the rapper, 42 years old, reflects on his relationship with Donald Trump, the president of the united states.

“I’m a black guy with a baseball cap to TAKE [sigla do slogan da campanha de Trump, ‘Make America Great Again’, que significa ‘Faça a América grande novamente’], can you imagine?”.

“It reminded me of how I felt as a black man, before being famous, when you walk into a restaurant and people looked at me as if I were going to steal something. “This is the place for you. Yes, you are a black man, then, is that the democratic'”.

“It’s all about putting people in their place. Is classism, not just racism,” she said.

In spite of their different positions, the rapper claimed to not be following the news about politics and not even being registered to vote.

In the past

In the year 2018, Kanye West, and Donald Trump gathered together at the White House to talk about tax cuts, reform of the penitentiary, mental health, and racism. In a series of tweets, the West has called the president’s “my brother”, said: “You don’t have to agree with Trump, but the crowd can’t do that, I will leave it to you to love him. He’s my brother.” You have the right to independent thought”.

During the interview, West recalled, and the tweets and reiterated the contents. “The blacks are 90 percent democratic. Does any of this sound like control to me…. The Trump represents something that’s important to me that people are not allowed to tell me what to do because I’m black. We are going to change the world. God is on my side, for God is with us”

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