Kanye West is going to Mcdonald’s for multi-coronavirus


Kanye West has been spotted climbing into a Mcdonald’s in Calabasas, in spite of strict social distancing in the California to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Rapper Kanye West apparently hasn’t received the memo about social distancing as much as possible for a global pandemic of a coronavirus, it has been seen that eating anything at Mcdonald’s in Calabasas, on Thursday. As with the coronavirus, continues to plague the world, and, in particular, in the U.S., many states have implemented strict mandates of the shelter-in-place, to help flatten the curve of the new cases of the coronavirus. These measures mean that residents have to stay at home as much as possible and leaving only in order to perform essential tasks like buying for groceries. One of those states that have implemented these measures, California, where He and his family now reside.

It seems Ye has decided to eat at a fast-food chain Mc Donalds was of the essence, as TMZ has seen him coming in for one of the franchises in the Micky D, and Calabasas. While a large network has closed it’s doors, preventing their customers from making claims in any one of a thousand locations, and they are still serving hungry customers, as it Said in the window of the drive-thru. According to the web site of the news, the tabloids, the passing of the Said by-Micky-D marks its first outing (at the very least, what they have witnessed since the city of Cali ordered that the inhabitants would have been quarantined due to a pandemic.

In spite of this rush is potentially unnecessary, and He has done his part to help in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus. In the past month, he has set up a partnership with a non-profit organization, We are Women, Empowered to assist in the serving of meals to the elderly in the Chicago area.