Kate Beckinsale says she was mentally tortured by Harvey Weinstein


After the list is generated from the video, think about the possible ‘guilt’ of the victims of Harvey Weinstein, the former all-powerful in the american cinema, who was recently convicted of sexual assault, the american actress, Ellen Pompeo defended his actions. On her Twitter account, she said that the video was taken out of context.

According to Ellen, who plays Meredith Grey on the series “Grey’s Anatomy”, the video was taken when she did not know of the allegations of sexual assault against the farmer.

“It’s out of context, and that this is a matter too serious to be dealt with in a space like this… the People who have been abused, or harassed should seek out support from therapists… it’s not a space that’s safe for an issue that is so serious”, posted the actress. “If you feel offended, that you have more than two years ago, and it was done long before any stories are released. I certainly didn’t know he was a rapist… and That led to this… a whole other level,” he said.

Ellen also added that in the video she is referring to “harassment” and not “abuse.”

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In the video, which was not the date that you specified when it is revealed, among other things, she argues,” the conduct of the Career.

“Time to dance, a tango, and you need to be on the two of them. We must take responsibility, even though not all of them,” began Ellen. “It is not to blame the victim, it’s just to say that I walked into a room with Harvey Weinstein. I sat down at the table with him, and talked to them for a couple of hours. He never said anything inappropriate or made any kind of physical progress,” he reported on the rise in the united states.