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Kate Spade, will be buried on Thursday in Kansas City, Missouri, the hometown of the fashion designer found dead at the beginning of the month, in the apartment where he was living in New York city at the age of 55, in an apparent suicide. The mass of the body and it is present only to a few friends and family, it is marked at 15 (17 at the time in the world in the church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Redemptorist. It was there that the grandparents of the founder of the brand of bags that bears her name, if they were married, and the only one her daughter, Francis, Beatrix, you should do a short reading during the ceremony.

On Wednesday, the Kate Spade New York has announced a gift of$ 1 million (Us$ 3,78 million for the foundation’s programs in mental health and suicide prevention in the United States. The biggest benefit has been the Crisis Text Line, which set up a hotline for anyone who thinks of putting an end to his own life, and you will receive a US$ 250 billion (Us$ 945,7 thousand). In addition to this, the Kate Spade New York, the Foundation has pledged to match other donations that the organisation receives up to the next day, the 29th, within the limit of US$ 100 million (Us$ 378,3 million).

The brother of the husband of Kate, Andy, the comedian David Spade also donated$ 100 thousand to R$ 378,3 million) to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the largest NGO in the U.S., is dedicated to topics related to health, mental well-being. There is reason to believe that the fashionista chose to commit suicide only after he has received a request for a divorce from Andy’s, the days before the tragedy. “It doesn’t have anything to do with you,” she said in a note that he left to the heir. “Don’t feel guilty. Ask your father…”.

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Kate and Andy, created Kate Spade in New York city in 1993, and were married the following year. The two sold the company in 1999, the Neiman Marcus in 2006, he bought a share to be held by them in the business. In the past year, the Kate Spade New York changed hands again when it was acquired by the american giant Tapestry, Inc. the lady of the Coach, for US$ 2.4 billion (Us$ 9.1 billion). The brand is synonymous with style among the americans, many of whom have traditionally win their first handbag, Kate Spade when you attain the age of 18. (For The Anderson’s Market)