Leonardo DiCaprio is ‘replaced’ by a dog. Understand!


Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t have too much quiet on the social networks, isn’t it? After the turn of the meme that will never win an Oscar until 2016, after he was accused of the burning of the Amazon”, it has been the subject of more jokes lately.

His girlfriend, Camila Morrone, was a “responsible person” for the meme of the moment, it is in your profile on Instagram, she posed lying down with a dog you have adopted, recently.

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“Go out with a chick during that time of the quarantine, it has been the best decision. To all of my friends, who are interested in doing it, then do it. You won’t regret it! These sweet creatures need from you,” she wrote in the caption of your posting.

But on the internet, you haven’t lost the chance to play with it, Leo had been replaced by pet, which would have taken place with the model.

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“The lava has been replaced?”, “You’re going to forget about the Leo, it’s Leo?”, they questioned a few of his followers.

“It will be the best of the company during the quarantine,” said a person coming in to the mood of the post.

He saved the life of a man in the Caribbean

Leonardo DiCaprio may be considered to be a hero in real life. The leading man has become the protagonist of the story away from the cameras to the studios of Hollywood, according to People magazine. It turns out that he assisted in the rescue of a man who was lost at sea.

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The actor was accompanied by his friends, and his girlfriend, Camila Morrone, to celebrate the end of 2019 at the latest, in a boat, on the 30th day of December, when the captain informed him that he had to come up with a man. DiCaprio together with the rescue party to look for a person who has been found by the end of the afternoon, before the storm, which was formed.

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In addition, in accordance with the motor vehicle, the young man was in the water for approximately eleven hours before being found and rescued by the group from the boat for DiCaprio.

Recently, the star has been back to the beaches of the place together, where they enjoyed sunny days, having fun with your loved one, which is together since the fall of 2017.

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