Leonardo DiCaprio, Ruby Rose and more


From the queen to the execution of the stunts are so complex, many of the stars and planets were at risk of a life on the set

Many players pride themselves on refusing to remember and perform their own action scenes, but it’s a decision that can result in a serious accident. In between the scenes involving the car, or unsafe driving, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks and Ruby Rose ‘ve suffered a serious injury on the set of the film.

Some of the stars already, if you did it more than once in his career, such as Charlize Theron and Jackie Chan. Based on the cases that are listed at the web site ScreenRantwe have selected some of the serious accidents suffered by the actors and actresses in a great movie.

Ellen Burstyn: The Exorcist

Ellen Burstyn had an accident during the filming of the The Exorcist (1973) the burning of a crash. A steel cable should pull out to the actress to simulate an quedaviolenta. After the first time, Ellen we complained to the director because of fear of getting hurt, but the recordings went ahead and the actress had suffered permanent injuries in the spine.

Charlize Theron: Aeon Flux, The Old Guard

Charlize Theronsuffering from an injury, working on the film. In life Aeon Fluxlaunched in 2005, the actress has performed a stunt, and he fell with the whole weight of the body to the neck. After the accident, Charlize he had surgery to repair a vertebra fractured.

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By 2019, the actress made a guest appearance on the program in the u.s. Jimmy Kimmel with his hand bandaged. As the wound has occurred in the recording The Old Guardduring a fight scene with a guy in a very big -”*, Charlize he broke the ligament of his left hand. “I broke my elbow, too,” joked at the time.

Tom Hanks: Castaway

Tom Hanks he suffered a deep cut to his leg during the filming of the Crash. The clinical status of the actor, made worse by an infection estafilocócica, which is caused by a bacteria found on the skin. The physicians brought it to the attention of the actor to the risk of death without immediate treatment, and In fact he was admitted to the hospital for three days, and was unable to film scenes on the water.

Viggo Mortensen-The Lord of the Rings

Viggo Mortensen, Aragorn in the movie trilogy TheThe lord of the Ringsif injured more than once during the recording process.

In the accident, the most dangerous occurred in an area previously used for military training in New Zealand, in which the actors are only allowed to move into an area because of the presence of the bombs on the ground. Mortensen failed to respect the instructions and, by chance, you do not detonated any explosive device. The recordings of the battle of the deep of Helm, Mortensen it ended with a scene with a tooth glued in, after losing some of the smile in action.

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Leonardo DiCaprio: Django, Free

Completely immersed in the character while recording Ultimately, The Free –, Leonardo DiCaprio he broke a glass with his fists up during a scene, and it didn’t seem to understand that if you hurt her. Same thing with a piece of glass to the inside of the hand, he took notice of the wound.

Bruce Willis: die Hard

When you write a scene of a shooting in a confined space for the film Hard to Kill, Bruce Willis he lost two-thirds of the hearing is for the time being. The weapon used was a lot of noise when being operated, and that the u.s. has not used any kind of hearing protection.

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Harrison Ford In Star Wars.

The audio recordings of the Star Wars: Awakening of the Forcepart of a new trilogy for the franchise in the leg Harrison Ford it was stuck on the inside of the spacecraft, the Millennium Falcon, the Falcon is used on the set. The actor broke his leg in the accident, and sued the production company for the feature.

Jackie Chan

As is to be expected, Jackie Chan have you had a lot of accidents on the set of the film. The star of such films as The Rush-Hour traffic, Chan broke his nose seven times, suffered numerous concussions and burns, broken ribs, lost teeth, and lacerou in the eye. Between 1975 and 1985, there were at least 15 accidents.

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Michael J. Fox: From Back To The Future 3

Michael J. Fox hung himself accidentally during the filming of the Back To the Future 3. On the sixth attempt to write a scene Fox it was calculated wrong all the time, and was not able to warn you in the loop on the neck was too tight. It took a while for the team to understand the problem, and the voice actor passed out.

Ruby Rose: Batwoman

In the recordings, the series, Batwoman, Ruby Rose injuries to the spine are severely running the risk of paralysis. As a result of the accident, she got two herniated disk, and ran the risk of breaking the column. Later in the episode, Rose is going to use stunt doubles in the action scenes.