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Quentin Tarantino was the director chosen for the book, to the debut of the journalist and the cr


Quentin Tarantino was the director chosen for the book, to the debut of the journalist and the crtico Hamilton Pink Jer

In love with the seventh art, a journalist, a professor, movie critic, author, and filmmaker, Hamilton Rose, Jr. launched, online application to Zoom on your book debut Once upon a Time…the World. The launch is today, at 20, is in parallel with the second class on the director of the Pulp Fiction, Ultimately, The Free – and Once Upon A Time In… Hollywoodto , among other. The event is part of a series of Thin at the Scene, and carried out by the Thin-Cultural, and co-ordinated by Rose, Jr.

Quentin Tarantino has always been a director’s thought-provoking. It makes the movies that are breathtaking, inventive, rich in fantasy and blithely amoral measurements. “I’m not an american filmmaker,” said at a press conference packed at the Cannes film Festival. “I have been given birth to inside of a movie theater, because this is a country that I claim as my own!”, he assumed with passion. “True to this form, Hamilton Rose, Jr. it also shows his passion for film making with the launch of the online of her first book Once upon A time… the Worldwith a class-exclusive license to all the fans and stakeholders,” says Kha Machado, founder and co-ordinator of the space is Thin on the Cultural, located in the district of Sousas.

“The title is a play on the last movie in the World, but my intention was also to bring to mind a side story, the universe that the filmmaker has created,” says Rosa, Jr., For the critic, Tarantino has always made movies about a dream, about a world of its own, with its own rules, which has nothing to do with the world in which we live. “It’s always been a place where he has designed venues such as the bar characters, Jack Rabbit”s Slim, it doesn’t exist, I wrote the people as a blend with the aesthetics of the films of the kung-fu, samurai and western, to horror, to the chinese, the japanese and the americans here and think of the Second world War, in which a film critic was a spy for the Third Reich and the whole, including the Fuhrer, dead lying in the inside of a cinema. In the opinion of the writer, the director has never signed in to reality.

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It is for this reason that in the movie it is just so fun. “Because it’s not a matter of the greatest art. What do we have in the scene is always the precariousness of the world of the outcasts, of those who did not work, and they are looking for a new opportunity. It will re-create such a bold utopia of a failure in the screen, which is the same in your situation, the people you follow, accept, and enjoy the ride,” says Rose, Jr..

In the classroom-the launch of the book, and Rose, Jr. you want to show you how to research is a retrospective made him re-think the films of the director. “We tend to think of a film as a work done and completed on an individual basis, but to actually see it apart from the rest of the works of the artist who created it is long enough. As well as a painting by Van Gogh, it is suddenly much more interesting once you get to know the life of the artist, when he painted it. The path that has led the World in the making of the film, which he made in the order in which you created it), made me consider aspects of food that I hadn’t thought of before,” adds the writer. According to Machado, it is the intention of the author is to bring to this role-play, and lots of other useful information for the students.

The lessons of the Film with a Thin, Pink Jr. he approached various directors such as Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, Michael Haneke, Pedro Almodovar, Woody Allen, but it has chosen the World for his work in the film. “I’ve always been very turned on in the the directors have been able to create a world of its own, and sometimes it is so strong, that the public immediately recognizes. All of them, I urge you to think and write about, but in the case of the World, came out of a review of the very detailed information on how to work it, which I’ve been doing, and when I saw his latest film, ” the Once upon A Time in… HollywoodI thought he was going to a trailer’s brilliant about her career,” says the author.

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“Of course, he said that you have one or two more movies to make before he retired permanently from the film, but in the Once Upon A Time…for the first time, and I think that the World let this world of fantasy we’ve come to making a movie more realistic, except for the entrecho the end, I’m not going to reveal it here,” adds Rose, Jr. “The character of DiCaprio and Margot Robbie (Sharon Tate) to represent a thought, an old man, who is going to be banned. This is why I think it is very cool that Tarantino does, and he kind of freezes up for these characters at the time, because you know that your life is not going to proceed after that episode, which was the murder of Sharon Tate. For the producer, and after that incident, I never Hollylwood turned out to be one and the same.”

Rose, Jr. she has other projects on the trigger: The first is about the life and times of Chistopher Nolan, and a book of short stories, called The flower beds. Both of them are almost ready to go. He says that in the book of short stories has everything to do with the movie. “In addition to the critic, and teacher, I have my own career as a director. These short stories are sketches of four of the films that I’ve directed, and the other nine that you intend to shoot.”


What: The class-book launch Once Upon A Time…The Worldfrom Hamilton Pink Jer.

When: Now, at 20, (the classes are held at on Thursday, at 20h).

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Next: Wes Anderson and David Fincher, respectively, on day 30/4 and 7/5)

Location: For the application you selected (if not, download it from the zoom in on the playstore. To create a screen name with a user name and a password. The organizers will send the PACKET and the password, from the classroom to the registered e-mail address and/or phone and at the time, they just get in the room and participate in it. Enrollment up to 16 hours a day for each class)

In relation to: $ 30.00 per class. For the class, it is not necessary for you to purchase the book)

Service: Once Upon A Time… The Worldfrom Hamilton Pink Jer. Publisher The Independent/Video (D-Seven. 142 web pages, 16 chapters, R$ 38.00 (on sale directly from the author through the cell phone 19 98314-9849. The participants of the class-release you can get it for$ 30.00 plus the amount of the ticket)

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