Logan Lerman discloses many previously unpublished images from The perks of Being Invisible


Launched in 2012, the The perks of Being Invisible again, the spectators with its exciting history, surrounded by the Logan Lerman and to bring to the first practice of the highlights of the Emma Watson after the end of the series, the films in the franchise In The Harry Potter Series. Now, eight years after the premiere of the film, Lerman decided to reminisce about the production, sharing a series of photos taken during the recording of the long process.

The pictures, which also lead to Ezra Miller (Justice league of americaand Mae Whitman (Scott Pilgrim versus the World), were originally used by the u.s. department of production design, but ended up getting out of the The perks of Being Invisible and, according to Lerman, “it now serves as a symbol of a very special experience– see below:

The perks of Being Invisible it tells the story of Charlie (Lerman), a boy, an introvert who comes to a new school and meets up with a group of young misfits who help him to deal with the difficulty of the routine. The film was directed by Stephen Chboskywho wrote the novel by the same name, which inspired the production.

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