Margot Robbie confirms that the Bird-of-Prey, will not be in the presence of the Joker


From the Warner Bros. he announced that the film Birds of Prey: harley quinn, and her Emancipation is Fantabulosaalways been a huge question for the audience: is that the Joker would also be in the film, he was doing it just for a tip? And now we’ve got the official answer on this is: don’t.

In an interview with Variety, actress Margot Robbie, who plays harley quinn, and reveals that the Joker is referred to in the film only as a memory of the past of the character, but it just doesn’t make any kind of appearance-long, which will focus on the character’s life after the separation from her of the evil — such as the use of the word “emancipation” in the title suggests.

The question of the presence or absence of the joker’s crime exist because they in the characters of harley quinn from the right to Know and a little of the universe or anything like that) were put together in the Universe-Extended-DC (DCEU), with the film Squad’s Confidence. But as you Know, from the very first time, it was considered to be one of the few high points of the long version of the Leto’s Joker was heavily criticised, both by experts and by the public, who felt that the actor did not quite understand the essence of the character.

With this new confirmation, it seems that the days of Latvian as a part of the DCEU is over. This is because, in addition to confirming that it will not be a part of the movie’s harley quinn, director James Gunn has also hinted that the character is not a part of the new movie the a-team Suicide bomber. And, with the success of the Joker Joaquin Phoenix, it’s becoming less and less likely that we will have a return of Jared Leto playing the character.

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Source: Variety

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