Mike Dean said that it sounds “on G. O. O. D Fridays” from Kanye West can be reached in the context of streaming this year


In support of the classic album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Kanye West it has promoted a project called the The G. O. O. D Fridays in the year 2010, which has been releasing new songs every Friday for a period of about 3 months. Serving as a major fuel in the promo for the album, the saga has been very much appreciated by the fans, bringing it to the world, many amazing songs from an artist, which, for the most part they come with comic books.

Being very much remembered by the general public, all of the songs on the project are spread on the internet side by side, but it is possible that this will change any time soon. Putting on the debut album ” instrumental 4:20 on the streets in the beginning of the week, Mike Deanthe he production of sound in the The G. O. O. D Fridays– gave an interesting interview to the staff of the Vultureshe spoke about the series at some point.

Reflecting back on the experience it gained with the story, the highly respected producer, he was asked about the possibility of an official release of your track on digital platforms, saying: “it will be released at some point. Maybe in the 10-year anniversary of the franchise [em agosto]. I was just trying to make it in the last year, but it was too late. They’re likely to end up in the Demand or something like that.”

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