Moving! Katy Perry’s ‘ go on your hands after participating on “American Idol,” suffered a seizure during a slideshow; see


Katy Perry was in tears on the episode of “American Idol,” on Monday (September 23). It Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, the technicians of the competition, it became quite tense when one participant suffered from a seizure during his or her presentation. Later on, a young, Makayla Brownlee, 17-year-old, has spoken out about the rare disease that he suffers, and he gave a show in his performance.

Very nervous, Makayla took the stage at the talent show for performing the song “Rainbow”, to Kacey Musgraves, but her discomfort was plain to see. At the beginning of the musical arrangement of the performance, she was quickly behind-the-scenes of the show, and he fell to the ground soon after. “I’m going to check on it as it issaid Bryan, as he and Richie were back in the artist’s work. “To give you a espacinho to her.”asked Katy.

Makayla got scared of the judges on “American Idol” to have a seizure after a high-stress level. (Photo: Play/YouTube)

After meeting the doctor, Makayla, and her father explained to her that she “he suffers from a medical condition that is quite rare”. “In seventh grade, I was diagnosed with syncope vasovagal. It is a condition of the heart, which to me, is to respond to stress in a way that is different from the others, and that can lead to a seizure”he told the king.

Makayla was met by medical personnel and returned to the stage for the ‘American Idol’ after hours. (Photo: Play/YouTube)

“They won’t be able to keep track of this. She is just scared, but physically she is 100 percent as well. This is a very important opportunity for her. I’d hate to see it in an effort to limit in any way, because it’s a hell of a singer. She tries a lot of it.”said the father.

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When Makayla returned to the stage, she was able to show off his voice, and did very well! The contestant received a standing ovation and the applause of the foot. On top of that, she was the Katy who was spotted by the cameras, it does not contain his tears. A lot of emotion in it… Watch it here:

After viewing the program, the owner of the hit song “Roar” to congratulate the young man through the social media. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of, Makayla Brownlee. Everyone deals with stress in a different way”wrote Perry on her Twitter account. “I was just so happy that you were able to come back and sing for us, giving one a perspective of where we need to be reminded of at timesended. It’s gorgeous, isn’t he? Take a look at it: