Netflix has acquired the rights of the “Enola Holmes”


Netflix has acquired the global rights, except China, in the “Enola Holmes” the Legendary Entertainment.

The film is based on a series of literary by Nancy Springer The Enola Holmes Mysteries”, is nominated for two Edgar Awards.

The series ‘ writing, which began with the book “The Case of The Missing Marquess,” in 2006, and contains six books in total. The first and fifth books, have been nominated for an Edgar Award in 2007 and 2010, respectively.

Netflix has acquired the rights to the Enola Holmes


Based on a cherished series of literary-nominated for the Edgar Awards, the “Enola Holmes” is the story of a younger sister who was of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes, Enola, featuring superdetetive in its own right, that goes too often to the leg of the brothers.

When her mother mysteriously disappears on her 16th.Anniversary, Enola searches for the help of their older brothers and sisters. But when you become aware very quickly that they are no longer interested in doing it to get back to studies to get rid of her than to look into the case, Enola is the one and only thing which an intelligent young woman but at the end of the nineteenth CENTURY, you can do it… runs off to London to search for her mother.

By the way, he meets a number of interesting characters and becomes involved in a conspiracy that could change the course of political history. “Enola Holmes” gives a whole new touch to a female in the world of the greatest detective of all time and his family.

The creative team of directors includes: director of photography Giles Nuttgens (“Hell or High Water – no matter What the Cost!”, “Up-and-up”), was nominated for a BAFTA; the designer of production By Michael Carlin “The Duchess,” “up-and-up”), was nominated for an Oscar; and the editor Adam Bosman (“The Crown”, of the Series; and the costume designer is nominated for three Oscars, la Consolata Boyle. (“Victoria and Abdul”, “A Goddess Out of tune,” “The Queen”). The composition of the music was in charge of the Daniel Pemberton (“Spider-Man: The Universe As Spider-Man”, “Yesterday”).

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The event:

Harry Bradbeer, (“Fleabag”, “Killing Eve”), who has won two Emmy awards and a BAFTA, and was nominated for the Golden Globe awards

The argument:

Jack Thorne (“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”, and “The Aeronautas”), a winner of five BAFTA and a Tony Award.


Mary Parent, Alex Garcia, and here, Therefore, from the Legendary Entertainment; Millie Bobby Brown and Paige Brown, and for his producer, PCMA Time.

Executive producer:

Joshua Grode, Legendary Entertainment; Michael Dreyer; Harry Bradbeer

The cast:

Millie Bobby Brown (“Godzilla II, King of the Monsters”, “Stranger Things”), Sam Claflin (the saga of “The Hunger Games”, “Live After You”), Adeel Akhtar (“For the love of jam”, “Les Misérables”), Fiona Shaw (“Killing Eve”, the saga “Harry Potter”), Frances de la Tour (“Ways of the Woods”, the saga “Harry Potter”), Louis Partridge “The Medici: rulers of Florence”), Burn Gorman (“War in the Pacific”), Susan Wokoma (“Crazyhead”, “Year of the Rabbit”), Henry Cavill (“Mission: Impossible – birds of steel”, “Man of Steel”, “The Witcher”), and Helena Bonham Carter (“The Crown”, “The King’s Speech”, “on The Wings of Love”, the saga “Harry Potter”), been nominated for two academy awards.