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There was a time not to was a good action movie, a first for the Series. And Rescue services, which arrived on Friday (24) to a digital platform, it is better and better. By taking advantage of the release of the new film from Chris Hemsworth, I turned on Netflix and the movies of the action is also exciting. The following is a list and it is good fun!!!

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The rescue > Does not make any changes in the script, but you do have a recipe good enough to please those in need of other action movies. Chris Hemsworth, the “Thor” and interprets What a Rake, a soldier of fortune who lives a secluded life in Australia, and is recruited for a mission. He has to go to Asia to rescue the son of a baron, an indian drug, which has also been happening in the country. Dhaka is located on the teenager’s Nokia (Rudhraksh Jaiswal) and try to make a deal with their kidnappers. The mere sweet-talk. The guy’s face and the bunch of crooks in the muque, and free the boy from the hands of the bad guys. On the way to hell is only the beginning, since that is What you need to get to your destination and on your way, there will be a lot of barriers. Hemsworth has a sense of humor, as he demonstrated in the Game, the Ghosts, and the Bad Times at the Hotel in Vegas, and here is a sample of the talent to the play. The focus, however, lies in his physical strength, well taken advantage of by the filmmaker and a newcomer, Sam Hargrave, a former member of the stunt. The production is one of the brothers, Joe and Anthony Russo (directors of the last two Stars), the performance appears to have been driven as a team. These are, therefore, a brilliant plan, sequence, set inside of a building, popular, and exciting sequences, the chases and shoot-outs.

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The Night Chases > It comes from Indonesia, one of the most compelling, entertaining, and beating the films in the martial arts. Actors Joe Taslim and Iko Uwais interpret it to friends in the past who have become rivals in the crime gangs of drug traffickers, distinct from each other. F f e c t has decided to drop the crime, saving a young girl from a massacre, as Arian came to Macau in the direction of Jakarta, for a settling of accounts. As you can see, the script has been approved only as a pretext for the director, Timo Tjahjanto take advantage of the talent of the actors on the shock body to take your breath away. You need to like the genre to embark on a delightful romp of a movie director, that is, in terms of action, it makes the World seem like small fry.

The Fury Women > In a rare film in vietnam in the Series, ” Van Veronica Ngo is a ticket to debt-free. In the rural town where she lives with her small daughter, despises it, especially being a single mother. And the situation is further complicated when a young girl is kidnapped. Without being able to rely on the help of an ineffective police force, she finds out that the girl was taken to Saigon, and he goes there in search of clues.

Wheelman > Frank Grillo plays a former inmate who will be our driver for the two robbers in the bank robbery. During the robbery he receives a call on his cell phone telling you that you need to save the money and give the partner, otherwise, he is the friend that hired you are going to die. What do you do? The conduct of the director, a debutant, Jeremy Rush is distinguished by a out of the commonplace. The camera is in the car almost the entire time and it’s as if he were a character in the room. A narrative of the unusual, together with the momentum of the car moving with the claustrophobic anxiety of the driver at the mercy of fate.

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The atomic > Charlize Theron is the spy in england who is on a mission to retrieve a list of valuable names of the traitors in Berlin. The director of the abuse-of-power in the streams of the persecution of the high-voltage spiked by a trail from the heady hits of the 80’s.

Lucy > Scarlett Johansson interprets it, ” on it, a lot of us are looking for new experiences in the industry. But she ends up kidnapped by a gang of koreans, who are trying to use the hostages to carry the body bags containing the new drug is in blue. The plan is for the group to desandará when this mysterious substance in contact with the body of a young man, and to enable a variety of functions in your brain.

An Output of the Master > Jason Statham, Charlize Theron, and Mark Wahlberg engage in a major heist in Venice, but there is a traitor in the group.

A Double Dose > Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg are friends with each other that they are about to rob a bank. In the story, and then, back in a few days to register for the confusion if you start to negotiate with a drug lord in mexico.

Bad Boys 2 > A lot of the action involves a new mission for the pair of cops played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

Next Stop: The Apocalypse > After a blackout and an earthquake in California, and in the character of Theo James decide to walk across the United States, together with the future father-in-law, to find out if your girlfriend could be a problem.

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The Shield > Denzel Washington to play the role of a justice who hides out in a mysterious past. In the early morning hours, he meets a young prostitute (Chloë Grace Moretz), and can relate to it. When you find out that your teenager is being threatened by a criminal organization in russia that he is planning an attack to surprise and destroy a group of bandits.

The Attack > The police of the Capitol building in Washington, dc, John Cale (Channing Tatum) has the greatest ambition: to become a special bodyguard to the president, the united states ‘ role and Jamie Foxx). During a tour with his daughter (Joey King) to the White House, and the cop, who is undercover, is surprised by the intrusion of a group of terrorists from the guy.

The Identity, The Bourne, Supremacy The Bourne and The Bourne Legacy > It is the great trilogy about a secret agent Jason Bourne, played by Matt Damon, was only improving with the passage of time.

Fast and the Furious 1, 7 and 8 > The cinessérie ” starring Vin Diesel and Paul Walker that began in 2001 was, in my opinion, the chapters that exciting (which I’m suggesting), and others are weaker. The most dramatic is in the number 7, which marked the final farewell to Paul Walker in the form of a type.

Mission: Impossible, Mission: Impossible: The Nation’s Secret and Mission: Impossible: The Protocol Phantom > Here are three of the best films of the cinessérie ” starring Tom Cruise, who lives on the agent and On the Hunt in secret missions around the world.

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