“Nothing will be as before.”


Rita Lee (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Rita Lee a full seven years after he retired from the stage, and with the 72-year-old, she maintains a quiet life at home. In one way or another, she is in prison due to the quarantine caused by the coronavirus, and it told the story of how the insulation at the point-of-view in an interview with the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo, brazil.

The artistmarried to the music Roberto de Carvalhotold you to get out of there peacefully in seclusion, but the longing of the people for the bad. “Now I’m all over the internet, and I’m taking care not to break a tooth. [Sobre a saudade dos netos e filhos] This is the worst part of it. There will be on Skype all day,” he says.

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Prior to the pandemic, she said that it was routinely used, “I Am for the last 8 years playing the lady of the house, which is something that I have never had in your life… I was just getting out of the house to go to the dentist, a visit with my little grandson, to make the grocery store and I fill up on food for my animals…”.

Rita also spoke out against the fact that people were relaxed in the care of the passing of the days of the years. I feel that it has not sunk into the race-the human that the virus that-voodoo-that reached the earth with a divine purpose for mankind to learn to respect all forms of life, and the change in force to the heads in charge of hiring for those who are in power all over the world. It is time to be at home, meditating, and praying. The human race has been a parasite on the planet. Once this pandemic is over, we will be forced to change, for our health-physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Nothing will be as it was before.”