Oops! On the day that the boxing legend Mike Tyson caught Brad Pitt with ex-wife, to the International


For the first time the boxing legend Mike Tyson and the actor-Brad Pitt crossed paths he was going to be a tragic accident. The former star of world boxing champion has now revealed in an interview with ‘The Real’, as it has happened to. It was the year of 1989, and Mike Tyson was a boxer, a world famous and Brad Pitt is a young actor who is making its first steps into Hollywoodvery , very far away from the fame and granjeia in the present day, as an actor recognized celebrity on the planet.

The former boxer described how he found Brad Pitt with his ex-wife, actress Robin Givens. At the time, Tyson and Givens were in the process of a divorce, but they continued to meet for brief sexual encounters. “I had to go to the office of my attorney, but wanted to pass it on to the home of Robin hood for a ‘quickie’. I was a young man, and I could feel the lack of it”recalled Tyson.

Mike arrived at the home of Robin hood, but when he saw that there was no man, he decided to leave. However, at the time, that he went out of the house of his ex-wife, Robin Givens, arrived hand-in-hand with Brad Pitt“I was in a coma, or emotional. They grabbed my heart and crushed it. All of this has left me completely debauched. I did not have the energy to fight or anything”described with the former boxer.

According to the description of the Tournament, Brad pleaded, so that it will not hit: “Brad should be a drunken stupor. He begged me not to strike him, and he told me that they were going to just look up a guide.” Despite the fact that it was not the best way to get to know the actor, Mike Tyson, recognizes that the Bread seemed to him to be a “sort-friendly”.

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The former champion of the heavy weight ensures that it does not guadou hatred of him. “I’m not mad at Brad at all. Sure I don’t keep a grudge, otherwise, he wouldn’t be alivesaid in between laughs.