Pictures-of-Birds-of-Prey show, such as the hyena of harley quinn was created


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Having been founded at the beginning of the year The birds-of-Prey she spoke to the staff the female owner of the DC Comicsin addition to having set up the path to the future of the Harley quinn in the The universe as Extended in the DC. In the course of the movie, you can watch the new adventures of the villain/anti-heroine, especially after having gotten rid of the time in the Wild.

Below, you can see news from the Bird-of-Prey:

The director of the Birds of Prey, talk about the movie, if you connect to the other feature films from the DC

The director of the Birds of Prey, speaking for the first time in about a third of the movie

The director of the Birds of Prey, said that the scene of the fight, nearly had a weapon, the improper

On their adventure, the character ends up adopting a pet with you, well… special. Bruce this is a spotted hyena named in honor of the “stud would have to be changed” – the words of Shaggy, it is not my own. And now, it was released a few screenshots that show the whole process of the creation of a computer graphic creature.

According to visual effects supervisor on the film, Thrain Shadboltin order to create the character, it has been used in a dog of breed a German Shepherd to serve as a reference for the team, that he was going to do with the The CGI from Bruce. It has also helped Margot Robbie having a partner to work:

The production had the great idea of using a German Shepherd, well trained staff, the so-called ‘Varko”, so as to do the motion capture for the Danger. This has been a Margot Robbie is a partner to the act, as well as a reference for the lighting, and the performance as well. After observing the interactions of the actor with Varko, we have been able to observe the movement of the hair and the skin of the dog, and when he was petted.”

Check out the photos below:

The birds-of-Prey it is available in both digital media and will be launched later in the day May 28, in DVD and The Blu-Ray Disc Players.

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