Rachel Brosnahan is a tribute to the Kate Spade new campaign


Rachel Brosnahan, the award-winning star of the series is a Wonderful Sra. Maisel is the new face of the French Valentine’s, the brand was founded by Kate Spade in 2016. In the campaign of the spring of the label, the actress, who is also the niece of the fashion designer, who died last year, and is a tribute to design aesthetics that is always present in the work of her aunt.

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A decade ago, after selling his namesake label to the Neiman Marcus Group in 2006, Kate Spade decided to re-invest in the accessories market, by creating a French Valentine. The label, which takes its name from the daughter of the designer, and was founded in partnership with her husband, Andy, and his best friend, Elyce Arons.

This is the spirit of the family, present in the depths of the the label from your plan, it is the one that leads to spring for the brand name. A lot of the items compiled are inspired by the wardrobe staff, who were given the name of the people next to her. The test itself is a tribute to the the mood the colorful and fancy accessories of the designer, with some touches of the personality of the Spade.

Non-French Valentine
Rachel is the niece of the designer, who died in the year 2018

Non-French Valentine
Actress to star in the campaign in the spring that pays tribute to the founder of the the label

Non-French Valentine
The series is based on the personal accessories of Spade

Non-French Valentine
The test was done on the my brand

The clicks were produced, a favorite of Kate your mywith a view of the street from Bryant Park, in New York city. In the playlist in the essay, the music of John Lennon, Joni Mitchell, the Rolling Stones, and the musicians are the favorites in the west. “The area has a ceiling very high up, and the art of Katy and Andy’s is all about. It is a space that is so beautiful to be in. I just couldn’t take the smile from my face. The day was so much fun,” said Arons, now the CEO of the French.

The images captured by the head-of-the-art of the designer, Maggie Cepis, bring about a re-interpretation of the daily life of Her with a bun messy, colourful purses, and clothes vintage. “I think our campaign is stronger, because it is to Him. She was so close to Katy. I know that it would make her happy,” he said.

Non-French Valentine
Clothes vintage depicted in the style of Kate

Non-French Valentine
The model is in vibrant colour, as stated in the book of Spade

Non-French Valentine
Rachel, posing with the bags of straw,

The actress is happy to keep alive the legacy of her aunt. “I feel so privileged to show this collection we will be celebrating the life, legacy, and love from my aunt in California. My family and I were very encouraged by the support we have received from those who have been touched by her work. When you lose someone you love, you are looking for unlimited ways to keep the memory of that person alive, and it seemed to me to be a way to do this is by means of his beautiful creations,” said Rachel, in the People’s magazine.

Walter McBride/Getty Images
Kate Spade, and Rachel Brosnahan in 2016

Touted as one of the best actresses in Hollywood today, She has attracted the attention of the press, and not only because of their excellent performance in the Wonderful Sra. Maisel, but also for its style. In addition to the grab all the trophies for acting in a comedy at this season’s awards shows, like the star, is pointed out as one of the most well-dressed in the the red carpets.

Rosalind O ' Connor/NBC/NBCU Photobank
A scene from the Wonderful Sra. Maisel

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images for Turner
The actress took her two awards at the Screen Actors Guild Awards

Taylor Hill/Getty Images
With a tailored and modern at the Critics’ Choice Awards

To the world of Gold by 2019, it has bet on this over the yellow

Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images
In the parade of haute couture from christian Dior

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