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In these times of social isolation, a lot is known about the productions of suspended and deferred, and a few new features that have been works in progress. However, other materials that do not need a team of articles working on the whole may be due for work done on the layout the home office it has been a priority in the face of a pandemic, the COVID-19.

It is in this spirit that Netflix has released the first poster for the The rescuein which we see Chris Hemsworth as it’s a Rake, fearless, a mercenary who takes the job of more mortal to his career by agreeing to rescue the child kidnapped in an international criminal who is incarcerated.

Image: Netflix

The rescue it is an action drama that is produced by the brothers Russo, whom Hemsworth has worked on The Avengers: Infinite War (2018), and Upcoming Deadline (2019). Joe Russo signing on the screenplay alone, and it produces side by side while using the AGBO. The direction from Sam Hargrave, who is in it for the first time in front of a full-length feature film after five short films, and working on many more films in the Universe of the Cinematic Marvel universe.

The rescue it is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on the 24th of April, in the year 2020.

Image: Netflix

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Source: The Atlantic

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