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“Killer Queen” (1974), there seems to be a women empowered it – but Freddie Mercury wrote it thinking of a prostitura

When you Katy Perry I was 15 years old and heard it for the first time “Killer Queen” the music was launched by the The Queen 1974. He felt a “slow-motion”, embasbacada for the strong woman that you Freddie Mercury described on track: a lady killer, rich, perfumed. Guaranteed to blow your mind.

“[[“Killer Queen”]I did find the song, and it has helped me to figure out,” he said Katy Perry for Don’t in the year 2013. The singer grew up in a home with very christian, and I could only listen to the music at a friend’s house.

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The Freddie Mercury the delivery of the letter,” she continued, “it made me feel like a woman so confident and strong. There are the fingerprints of him on me, in general. Also, I love the idea of a woman who reigns and has power, like the queen Elizabeth.”

Killer Queen” it really talks about an empowered woman, and the mistress of the other. The lyrics in the beginning are the proof: “It leaves you with the Möet et Chandon on the nightstand beautiful, ‘Let them eat cake’ she says / As the Maria Antoinette / A drug can be manipulated / For Khrushchev and Kennedy and No invite / You can deny / Caviar and cigarettes / well versed in etiquette / extraordinarily nice.”

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For Freddie Mercuryhowever, the whole appeal of it was sexual. The woman, as he said, he was a whore of luxury. “I was a young girl of the upper class,” he said. “These girls could be prostitutes. The song speaks about that, but I’d prefer that each one can interpret it as you choose,” he said to the The New Musical Express 1974.