Rolling Stone magazine · 3 from the movies that Chris Hemsworth did before Thor


After that, Marvel comics, the actor has solidified it as one of the two most critically acclaimed in Hollywood

The career of the Chris Hemsworth was when he was chosen to be the God of I in the USING. In the first film, the hero, and in 2011, he became well-known all over the world – and as a player. However, prior to winning the role of the Marvel comicshe has participated in three of the films. All the details are on the website CheatSheet.

The first of the Hemsworth the film was the reboot of the franchise Star Strek. In 2009, he starred in George Kirkthe father of the Captain James T. Kirk. The actor was able to participate in the project, after the J. J. Abrams enjoy the performance of an actor in a series, the australian Home and Away.

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As A curiosity, the box-office success, the film gained a following, and the artist in the second a long one. In spite of this, the scenes with him, including the only season of the audio.

In the second, the work of the actor in the pre-Marvel comics it was in the For The Perfect Getawayalso in the year 2009. The terror that accompanies the tourist in Hawaii, who began to be persecuted and put to death. The production received mixed reviews from critics, but it did not interfere in the ascent of the Hemsworth in the manufacturing industry.

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About a year before making his debut in the USINGthe actor took part in Ca$has a mechanic, he found a suitcase full of money, but then spend the whole of it, and you need to practice a crime.

After working on three projects, and reading I since 2011 Hemsworth still, the status of the celebrity as one of the two most acclaimed in the world.