Rolling Stone magazine · Chris Hemsworth, the Marvel will help with the ‘save’ button in the cinemas, and after the quarantine


He also spoke about the dominance of the movies, the heroes at the box office of the international

With the pandemic of the new coronavirusesmany individuals around the world, they are in quarantine, and, as a consequence, the theatres have emptied and been closed in many cities and countries as well. In an interview with the Inquirer, Chris Hemsworth he said that the Marvel comics it will help to “save” the movie theaters and after social isolation.

According to the actor, “films such as those of the Marvel comics they are the ones that you are able to have a better view on the big screen. They’re going to get people out of their homes again and again. I have to agree with that.”

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During the conversation, the interviewer talked about the criticisms that some people make it to the movies Marvel Studios and Disneythat proucupam, with the majority of the films from both studios at the box office. In other words, they would be taking away space from other crops, and the movie-of-the-art.

Chris Hemsworth it says you do not agree with this way of thinking. He further adds, “I also hear the concerns of the USING you learn the recipes, and there is no room for a film’s artistic and smaller productions, which we all love and admire you also.

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In the future Chris Hemsworth in the movies Marvel comics it promises a lot. The actor will be starring in Me: Love and Thunder, the fourth film, land of the heroes in the USING. In addition to this, it has to be in the Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3due to the events of the Upcoming Deadline.