Rolling Stone magazine · The 8-HQs in order to understand how the Scarlet Witch could turn in the MCU


How to WandaVision should be addressed in the story of a super-hero: the assassination of the Avengers and the X-Men to magic to be able to children’s

One of a series of the most anticipated of the Disney+ this is the one that tells the story of the Scarlet Witch, WandaVision. Throughout the first season of the Marvel comics is set to debut even in the year 2020, and it brings Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany back to the paper Wanda Maximoff and Viewthe players are the ones responsible for the character ever since The avengers: The Age of Ultron.

In addition to this, the series is to introduce the idea of a “multiverse” in this new phase of the USING. Readers of the comics will know the character Scarlet Witch: with the power to “manipulate probability”, in addition to being involved with magic.

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How to “manipulate probability” and the magic is in the port-of-entry for nearly all of the stories in the comic books, the character is one of the most powerful of the Marvel comics. Still, it’s a super-heroine with a life that’s very painful.

Therefore, we separated the eight Comics, which can be a source of inspiration for the series:

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In the first instance, on the inside pages of the The X-Men. n. 4; with Stan LeeJack Kirby, Wanda part the sisterhood of the The mutantsa group of villains led by As part ofto the side of the brother Mercury.

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Also, in this story, it is shown that the As part of he met the brothers Wanda and Pietro Maximoff in Eastern Europe, to save them from the villagers who wanted to kill the Scarlet Witch by the judge that she was a witch.

The avengers

A year after the release of the The X-Men.n. 4, the writers have decided to take the brothers to a series of The avengers. Captain America called on new members to the group, and it was falling apart.

Wanda and Peter they wanted to redeem himself in the life of a villain, and the The witch he decides to write to the The captain. At intervals along the way, the super-heroine includes The avengers there are more than 50 years of age.

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In The avengers, no. 75, launched in the 1970s, the The witch finally, he knows View. The writer Roy Thomas I wanted a pair in the group of heroes, and they were the only ones who are single.

View to be a “sintozoide” according to the terminology of the series – would make the situation even more dramatic. In a love triangle with a Energy-Used To and it came to pass, in addition to the Mercury, fighting with his sister for her to want to date a robot. In Avengers n. 4, 1975 Wanda she’s married to View.

The powers

In the 1970’s, the writer Steve Englehart he decided to enhance the history of Taiwan begins with the study of magic with a witch, Agatha Harkness.

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The family

The Witch he has always had the dream of having a child with View. With a lot of magic, and the couple had two children, twins. ^ A b full-on in the pregnancy, it was released in 1985. Doctor Strange went to the doctor for prenatal care and delivery.

But, of course, to the delight of the couple, did not last long. When you go back to work with the The avengersthe View it was dismantled by a group of scientists and re-assembled like a machine, cold and with no feelings.

Later, it was discovered that the twins were the pieces of a demonic entity called Master Pandemonium, and they will no longer exist. Wanda freaked out after missing her husband, and their children.


At the first Ii: The Fall, Wanda he destroyed the The avengers. The three heroes end up dead, including her ex-husband View with whom she had resumed a relationship.

After you lose your child, Wanda have you lost the peace of mind. At the first House Of Mthe powers it grew a lot, and it shapes a reality which is able to the children in the back. At the end of the comic, says, “I’ve had enough of her” and then it cuts 90% of the population. The The is a genocidal.


Wanda he returned to the peace of mind. In The Fabulous Avengersshe Peter they had an unexpected discovery: they were the children of the couple in the roma Maximoff they believed that the Maximoff they were foster parents. All the babies have gained the powers after the experiments of the evil The High Evolutionary.

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The series

Between the years 2016 and 2017, the The witch he won a series of its own in the comic strip. The magic of the The Marvel Universe I was shaken, and Wanda he traveled the world to try and fix it. The text of the James Robinson and with a show of artists – with a lot of women, was among the first to draw the hero.