Sam Smith and Demi Lovato saw the athletes, to drag in new music video watch ‘I’m Ready’


Sam Smith and Demi Lovato
Sam Smith and Demi Lovato (“I’m Ready to playback)

Sam Smith and Demi Lovato they beat down in the video for the new single, titled ‘I’m Ready’, and the video shows the two modes for the olympic games, it’s different.

The song is part of the album is Sam Smith, whose launch was recently postponed, due to the multi-Covid-19, but the first two singles to be released, to the delight of the fans.

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In addition to the
Smith to take part in a wrestling special, and full of the purpurinas, and a
race, drag queens, Lovato comes on board with an olympic-sized swimming pool
the breathtaking, threatening to jump, but it is the love for the wet look.

In the end, it’s Sam Smith, and Demi Lovato to win her gold medals, of course, and even if they do not receive from the judges, they would gain the fans that they have produced more than 2 million in the video-just-released.

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