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Sandy & Junior announced on Friday (the 17th) that you are going to do a show live on Tuesday (the 21st), 20 on YouTube. The duo comes in the wake of presentations, online, live, during the quarantine, for the sake of a pandemic of a new coronavirus.

“Well, you won’t feel lost in the house, how it all began,” says a post from Sandy on Instagram. “From our family to yours, with a lot of love and a song to help as many people as possible at this point so very delicate. According to the publication, for each R$ 1 donated by the public, a sponsor, puts on the other.

In social media, and the fans were asking for an appearance of the brethren, and many were even more excited when Sandy posted a photo of a child with his brother. “#tbt to the time that we got together at home and singing,” wrote the singer, on this Thursday (the 16th).

At Instagram, also, Sandy, a Junior, Chitãozinho, uncle, Xororó (father), and Lucas Lima, her husband, Sandy, and music) have asked for donations to the Hospital das Clínicas of the Unicamp, in Campinas (são paulo state), to assist in the purchase of basic materials for the period of the crisis, the Covid-19.

By 2019, the duo took a trip to Brazil with a tour of Our History, which had 16 appointments, from July through November.

The public, in 11 cities in all regions of the country was singing the hits of his career such as “the Four Seasons”, “The Legend”, “you’ll Have to Roll”, “Dig Dig Joy “Turu Turu” and “Let’s Skip”.

The sale of the tickets, it was very close, with a row of virtual and face-to-face with giant, marking the period of time.

On the agenda, there was still room for two more performances in New York city, and Lisbon, portugal.

Officially, the brothers have ended their partnership in the later years, in December 2007, with the final performance of the tour for eight months at the Credicard Hall, (south of brazil). They were excited, and do not contain the tears when you go out to the scene, according to a report from the time.

Lives in quarantine.

For the enjoyment of the public, in the home, and often to raise donations, and a lot of artists, they have been based on, and conducted the concerts, in their homes, and in private settings to avoid the crowds. Sandy and Junior, for example, to count with the support of the Link, the brand of the greeting cards that accompanied the pair on a tour of Our History.

Linda Thomas, Gusttavo Lima, Bruno & Marrone, Jorge & Mateus are a few of the attractions to bombaram on the internet over the years.

At the end of this week, the film festival One World: Together, At Home, organized by the NGO ” Global Citizen, in partnership with the world health organization (World Health Organization), led by Lady Gaga, it’s the highlight of the Saturday (the 18th). In programming, there are names such as Elton John, the Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Taylor Swift, The Killers, J Balvin, Jennifer Lopez, Jessie J, Luis Fonsi, and Maluma.

Among the options in order to see the country on the Multishow channel, and the Globoplay, which will be open to non-subscribers. There will be a pre-show from 16 hours (eastern time), and from the 21, and the top performers go up on stage, and you can also see on the cable channels MTV, Comedy Central and Paramount pictures.

Around the world, the various platforms will also be exhibiting in the event, such as Alibaba, Amazon Prime Video, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Tencent, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.

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