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Through the use of the use of the image.

Decide to make love, the human world – Outlook on the Game is a puzzle game in which you probably have never heard about, and the people responsible for the game probably would have preferred it to remain that way.

However, the actress and singer, Selena Gomez has decided to move forward with a lawsuit against those responsible for the game’s mobile, on the grounds that his image has been used without any permission.

The second, advanced by the Andthe legal process requires that $10 million, something like 9.2 million euro) as one of the characters in the Clothes Forever – Styling of the Game is clearly inspired by the image of the Service, and that’s never been told “you queried, or challenged, on the use of the image.

The publishing house of chinese from the Guangzhou Fiedong of Software Technology and studio for the british MutantBox Interactive Limited, the owners of the legal rights of the enemy, the targets, in this case brought on by lawyers to Better Service.

Decide to make love, the human world – Outlook on the Game is available for iOS devices via the App Store, but it was removed.

The game will allow you to buy packages of gems, for around £ 92 and is even promising the possibility to put on the style to a “Kardashian, Gigi, U [e] “Taylor,” or to sensual men such as Leo, Justin, Zac, or Messi”.

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Yes, Messi Is!

The lawyers say that Selena Gomez will never accept to be part of a game with this type of monetization, and it also says that it is full of bugs, has a rating of 3.5 stars, which is not a star, doesn’t want to be associated with it.

Promotional image of the game on the left, and a photo-shoot of Selena Gomez for the Flare Magazine in the year 2015. The image of the Variety.