Selena Gomez shows a behind the scenes clip of “Boyfriend”


In the video, the singer explains the concept behind his clip is the most recent one, released on the 10th of April on YouTube

In a video published on Tuesday, the 21st, Selena Gomez it showed the behind the scenes of your clip the most recent Boyfriend. The film was released on the 10th of April, on YouTube.

Selena explains the concept behind the clip: in it, she appears, looking for her, till in a laundry room and you can have a brew and a group of “girls unglued”. From that point on, the video shows her having meetings with them, which will later be transformed for the Better at the frog.

In the video, you can see that she scared him several times as he held the frog used in the video, but at the end of the recording, and she ended up really enjoying the experience. “I’ve never held a bat before. And I think that people are afraid of them because of the texture, but they really are sweet,” said Selena, who also commented that it was like having a frog as a pet.

Boyfriend was also included in the deluxe edition of the band’s most recent singer, Rare, which was originally launched on the 10th of January. The song was written for Selena along with a variety of artists, including his friend, also singer and Julia Michaels.

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“[Boyfriend] It is a happy music about to collapse and rebuild itself again and again in god’s love, but it’s also about knowing that you don’t need anyone but yourself to be happy,” he said to Selena to announce the release of a new version of the album.

Check out the video for behind-the-scenes:

And it’s also the official video: