Skai Jackson’s altercation with a fan for the sake of Cameron Boyce


The whole world knows it Skai Jackson it was a super friend Cameron Boycefrom the time of the seriesGo“ the Disney Channel, where they have interpreted this as brothers and sisters. She was one of the ones that were most affected by the death of his friend, and he arrived in time to do a live, in tears, talking about the event.

In the past week, 27/02, Skai has posted on the actor, in his Instagram, and it looks like the fans are enjoying it for the both of you, but what it has done to you in your account on A.

A follower, silly, said:

“Just let him rest in peace. You have to put on it every day, it soothes the wild”

The actress, who did not like it even a little bit of the post, said:

“I know Cameron’s there is a half-day of my life. He was a brother to me/and to all of us… and I can do whatever I want”

The people involve with it all really! We love to see you in the Skai will still celebrate the life of Cameron Boyce took it, and it encourages people to get involved with the foundation was created by a friend

Karen David

Twitter: @kaarencesar
Instagram: @karencesar_