Stay at home, watch the shows, 15 artists, who would you reach for in the Lollapalooza end of the week, 03/04/2020 Show


One of the biggest cultural events scheduled for the period affected by the new coronavirus, with the festival Lollapalooza will happen by the end of the week, between Friday 3 and Sunday 5) at the end of the Three.

A new date has been selected from the 4th to the 6th of December, but, for the moment, only three of the nearly 80 attractions, continue to be committed to it: the headliners, Guns N’ Roses, The Strokes, and Travis Scott.

Not much is known about the new lineup, but this brought together 15 artists, from the training tips for you to build your own Lollapalooza in the living room of the house.

In this map you will find the live performances from boy band from hip-hop, Brockhampton, pop of our-of-Lana-del-Rey-and to the sets of Dj’s if you want to make a party in isolation. A good festival.


The boy band of hip-hop music composed on an online forum would make its debut in brazil on Saturday (4), but it’s going to be in for the next one. It remains to be seen whether the group has been confirmed as the new date for the festival, but the trick is to watch the energetic performance of made in 2018 at the earliest, in New Zealand.

They have not yet released the critically praised disc, which the brazilians are listening to up close, the “Success” of last year, but they play the music from the “Iridescence”, by the year 2018.
Available on YouTube:

Charli XCX

The singer, who grew up, and it appeared from his last performance in Brazil, on the issue of the 2017 at the earliest in the English-speaking world Festival, was one of the most anticipated in the lineup and played on the Sunday (5th).

With his new album, “Charli”, in the last year, in the mail, promising a show full of pop, experimental and futuristic, and perhaps a share of the Pabllo Vittar, the co-player in the lineup who shares vocals with her on “Shake It”. For the time being, you can check out his performance from last year’s festival and the website Pitchfork.
Available on YouTube:

City and Colour

Those who waited eagerly for the show tranquilinho from the beginning of the year (4), of the american and Dallas Green was hand-shaking.

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The good news is that it’s a radio station in the canadian CBC Music, has made a presentation, in the intimate 40-minute drive from the singer, who is also a member of Alexisonfire.

Accompanied only by his acoustic guitar, and he debuts the songs from the latest album, ‘ A Pill for Loneliness” from the previous year. Suitable for the loneliness of the years.
Available on YouTube:


Of the indicate the name of the highlight in rap music, national, perform on the Saturday (4) for “Yellow” from last year’s album, which won her the award for best show of the year by the juries, technical and popular, on the Sheet Tab.

While it is not possible to listen to it live, it’s worth watching the DVD of the tour, in the fall of 2017, “10 years of success,” which celebrated a decade on the road.
Available on YouTube: For sale in:

Guns N’ Roses

The tireless group is the owner of some of the greatest hits of rock’n’roll, such as “Sweet Child O ‘ Mine” and “November Rain” on the top of the sixth on Wednesday (3), but was able to stay in the lineup for the December festival.

Those of you who haven’t got the lyrics on the tip of your tongue and you can see the presentation of the nearly three-hour made-by the year 2016, at the O2 Arena in London, uk.
Available on Demand: To test for 30 days free of charge. Next, for R$ 16,90 per month

Gwen Stefani

The Headliner of Sunday’s (5) on the side of the Stokes, the lead singer of the classic band’s music no Doubt most certainly would pull the choirs with the success of the band and from his solo career such as “The Sweet Escape,” “Hollaback Girl” and “Rich Girl”, all of the face-to mid-2000s.

Right now the only thing left to sing with the show in 2016, Boston, usa, when I was riding in the world tour in support of the album “This Is What the Truth Feels Like, to be released this year.
Available on YouTube:

James Blake

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The music of the United Kingdom, it would make a little “is taken From” in 2019 at the latest, by the end of the first night of Lollapalooza, and would have to live in feats with names that are pumped, as Travis Scott is also in the lineup), and Mexico.

As the time comes, the streaming platform Tidal, has a 40-minute show at the festival, Made in America, also from last year.
Available on Demand: To test for 30 days free of charge. Next, for R$ 16,90 per month.

Lana del Rey

The american singer, felt the rapid the absence of the Brazilian, and would go back just two years after his well-spoken recent visit to the Lollapalooza the year 2018.

On the return, it was for a good cause: it would show the album ‘ the Norman Fucking Rockwell!”, praised by critics and nominated for the best album in 2019 in the Us.

To kill a bit of the nostalgia, you can check out his performance at last year’s edition in chile in the cannes film festival.
Available on YouTube:


The DJ for the French, one of the main attractions of the electronic part of the lineup of Lolla, I will play on the Saturday (4th) for a set, that is, in the last year, it has earned the new songs with the release of “Good Faith.”

Right now the only thing left to wait for, and put away all of the furniture in the living room to dance to the beat of your presentation in 2016, the Made in America, that the Demand features on your server.
Available on Demand: To test for 30 days free of charge. After: R$ 16,90 per month.

Martin Garrix

Other representatives from the electronic scale to the festival was the DJ, the Dutch, who, at the age of 23, she is responsible for the hits in the EDM, such as, “In the Name of Love” and “Scared ” to Be Lonely”, featuring the vocals of the Two Lipa.

Your own YouTube channel, the producer will give you a hint of what to do as long as it doesn’t come to watch the show of lights, projections, and fire out of his set last year at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, fl.
Available on YouTube:

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Rita Ora

The british singer of Albanian origin, which has finally desembarcaria in Brazil, with a tour of his latest album, “Phoenix”, by the year 2018, has been forced to cancel their show at Lollapalooza on Friday (3). For those who have to wait a little bit longer, we are left to watch their performance on BBC Radio within the past year.
Available on YouTube:

Travis Scott

The rapper and producer in the u.s., possibly to the attraction of the most-awaited this year’s edition of Lollapalooza, the following confirmed for the new date, but it is now possible to get the heat up with his show for nearly an hour, the Made-in-America, in the last year, streamed exclusively on Demand.
Available on Demand:

The Lumineers

It is not at this time, you will be able to listen to the song in 2012, “Ho Hey”, personally, but thanks to the internet, gives the opportunity to check out how the image of the band in the studio and live. The rotten to the Columbia City Theater in the United States, the group recorded one of their performances in 2016, for a radio station in the american part of our official programme.
Available on YouTube:

The Strokes

Some have been able to give the presentation of a rock band at Lollapalooza in Brazil to 2017 at the earliest and they’re not going to miss a lot of stuff. with the cancellation of the show, the band has released almost nothing since then. For those who haven’t been there, the trick is to watch a video of the performance, in the same year, the chilean version of the event.
Available on YouTube:

Vampire Weekend

A concert by the american indie rock of the last day of Lolla in Brazil would be the songs you have, which would include “Father of the Bride”, which was launched last year. Is not going to be at this time, but you can always train on the tracks: the classic of the band, with their show of 2014 at the uk Reading Festival. It’s short, but it’s going to “A-Punk” to “Hannah Hunt”.
Available on YouTube: