Such as were born out of the success of Others Eilish? Brother Finneas shows how to build your song – Showbiz


The Pitchfork premiered on Thursday, April 22, a new series online. In the course of the episode of the “Creative Breakthroughs”, a number of artists and producers, will reveal how they created some of their most successful songs.

Finneas is the main protagonist of the video shared by the publication. In the series, the brother Was Eilish reveals how it built on topics such as “the bad guy”, “bury your friends”, or “when the party”s over”. In addition to the songs from the young artist, a musician, talks about his singles (“Partners in Crime”, “I” Lost a Friend”, “Shelter” and “Let’s Fall in Love for the Night”).

In the first episode of the “Creative Breakthroughs”, Finneas examines the themes that you have created, in collaboration with other artists (‘Lose You to Love Me”, Selena Gomez; “Used to This”, Camila Cabello, and “Bikini Porn” from Tove Lo’s).

Here’s the video:

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