Surprise, surprise: social isolation as a means to isolate, that is, the fas-tra… – by Paula Lamb


… and from what I learned in school, you move away doesn’t mean being able to walk along the sea.

Every day, we may be surprised, but sometimes, there are days when we get surprised any more. Today, it is surprising to me the extent of human stupidity. Surprise, surprise: this is some text that you like, with no appeal or complaint, in order to put the finger on the wound, smiling, and escarafunchar, as well, with evil. We’re all in this for more than forty days and forty nights, and, looking at the news, then on to the street, it seems like “the thing subsided,” and that, because of this, we are less concerned about it, or to pass the freedom of on April, for more than forty years old, came to us to give them. The bad news: we don’t.

There is an increasing number of people in the street, and this is not the hallmark of freedom, but in ignorance, just as if the idea that “the thing that subsided was the meaning of that which is past. They told us there were more than one peak, followed by a period of lower transmission, the transmission to a new high, and, for this reason, the Government has declared a State of Emergency and the Emergency is not to go out to get some air, but to stay in the house, and if that is the case, the delay.

I went over to my parents and, because the air is but slight, because (of course) and there are less cars on the circular, I got back to an old habit of moving me out of the bike. Before you comment that you came out”, I took them a loaf of bread, and other essentials. In this period, as it is four times, and, today, as never before have I been so impressed with that. From the window, my mother would tell me that it is the movement of people in the direction of the promenade, it is growing, such as, “if you don’t have any notion”. In fact, there is no concept of a point-of-yet, on the promenade, in order for me to move on by the road, as a result of a number of people to circulate close to the sea, with no shade or no concern. At the drive-in burger restaurant is the most famous in the world, more and more people in cars than on any Sunday in the spring, and the beach next to surfers with no waves. I wonder if the sea was your way, and the waves inviting to surfing…

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This morning, while walking the dog at the door of the house, was a surprise to me, a homeless and he went, complaining about it to the world. Of the world, because it was screaming to anyone who would listen that “it’s on with the pigs”. It stated that “it is not a virus, I’m afraid… will all of them with a pig, you’re going to see is that you are afraid… there are more than twenty five years who live in the street, I don’t have a right to a house, nor a bed, I’m back to walking around without a mask. Go with the pig… go, go!… The mask? No money to eat, you’re going to see…. It’s the pigs!”

And we’re going to. To keep it that way, are we going to really “know your pigs” because you have to be pretty stupid not to realize that this is more of what we have to come together than what we can take away, even though physically we’re further away than ever before. The social isolation that precedes any of the others, or a feeling of emergency, I thought to myself, as she pedaled her bike and looked at the road, all the people who were walking in front of the sea, at the same time as me and were coming up with ideas and thoughts of the other, because they could all be unemployed in this first wave of unemployment that began as soon as the virus showed up, walking in the open air, to relieve the anxiety and stress of the situation causes you. They were, however, far too many people. But the men that were to fulfill the ritual of the sports of the evening, that went to air in the same way that there are more than you think it is just them and there you go, and that, therefore, the mask does not. Simultaneously, I was reminded that most of the houses are small and a little light, some of them did not have, at least, on a balcony, wondering what could have led to accept, live, boxed, perched on top of one another in buildings that are (the same) want to go out and get some air. Unemployed at lay-off, or one with too much free time, and the time is staying at home, learning and relearning how to live, by resetting priorities, and meeting a degree of self-reflection. Read up, pack up, and destralhar, find a vocation, learn a language and explore a new language, study something new or to take advantage of what ever we have left for later, it will be the best choices of what to take a walk to the edge of the sea.

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In addition to the “go with the pig,” this attitude shows that you are twice as stupid. In spite of being extremely generous, we’re, well, a little thoughtful, we believe that it will only happen to other people, sobbing uncontrollably, when the disgrace broke down, just as if the misery only happened to us…. Let’s take the opportunity to learn something new, do something different, and to be prepared for what is coming. That was not to be, especially in the workplace, but, more importantly, in terms of employment. Over the next few years, the skin will be a new way of life, for which we are not also prepared to do. To risk is to invite the virus to get in, which is going to slow up the process of recovery in the economy may cause a rise in unemployment, and to create a situation that cannot be solved on the look out for the sea and for this reason, the focus is to move away or to be… isolated.