Terry Crews teaches them to wash their hands with the song ” I Will Survive


Terry Crewsthe eternal Latrell Spencer the The As Branquelastaught how to perform preventive measures against the coronavirus in the best way possible. He has posted a video on Instagram to wash their hands at the sound of the I Will Survive. Check it out:

“Not today, Satan! I’m going to survive,” he says of the actor, the legend. The song is a classic, in a matter that is the responsibility of the artist Gloria Gaynor.

In addition to having played Latrell, Crews have you participated in any other franchise’s success. One of them is The Expendablesin it, he lived it When This in the three feature films. He also had a special appearance by the hilarious-in Deadpool 2.

Celebrities and preventing

Many of the celebrities in the show through social media are ways to guard against the coronavirus. One of them is Karen Gillanthe Cloud the Guardians Of The Galaxythat has proven to be quarantined. She has posted a video in the house, as well as Crewsit was full of a lot of music.

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