Thanks a million: – the positive impact on the people in your life-Charlie Jones


My brother is in the middle, always tells the story of the time he is my brother and a friend were swimming in the open sea. At that time, the sea was suddenly angry, and they were running the real risk of drowning, for example, when my father, boldly and bravely, with the score settled, focused, strong and got close to them, and crawled up to the edge of the sea. Certain moments that mark your life as a whole, and in education for solidarity. I always get emotional with this story, because my father has always been a hero to me….

Now, in the United States, has launched a documentary series on the super Jennifer Lopez, who I admire, and I follow you already for a long time. Thanks a Million together 10 well-known figures, they have to donate$ 100 billion dollars to someone who has had a positive impact on their lives. The person who receives the gift, should you choose to donate the other half to someone else to continue the chain. The idea is to make$ 1 million dollars pass through the hands of many people. When I saw the trailer, I started to think about what they would be people I would say, “you have changed my life.”

Not long ago, I met a young girl named Livia ( @liviatls ). She has a rare disease that has no cure. The Int is for a dear friend for a long time, and he sent a message saying that it was important to us to do something. The bills are high, it is in need of$ 9 million of which has already been raised to R$ 6 million. The treatment for your LOVE (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) that has a date, and she will, from now, they will be less than half a year to raise the rest of the money.

Putting at your disposal it is also an opportunity to revisit our values, our conscience, and the kinds of choices that we have made. I looked at richard and asked him if we could do something special for her and decided to put their wedding dress in the mood for a raffle ticket. When I closed my eyes, and I was able to see life happening outside, the sea rough, and we’d like to help out in a small stroke in the direction of the beach.

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Putting at your disposal it is also an opportunity to revisit our values, our conscience, and the kinds of choices that we have made.

Now, here I am, writing while in the eye from Ricardo’s work. We are in the home, the office, and he is a tireless problem-solver. I spent a few days in the well-off because you’ve already invested the time, energy, and money on choices that don’t have production to the web site of our company. There is a page in which I have been trying to make for over a year now, and nothing has ever worked. It’s very tiring. In the last few nights he has decided to solve this problem for me. From far away, without having other things to do, I was enjoying the life he gave, and it is absolutely pleasant, without measurements, I can assure you that what I saw him do it, for me, is dedicated to finding out how to do what I want, it really gave me a shower, and in the power of God, and I felt hope again.

In the past week, the concept of solidarity have flooded in our house, and I found out about the new world. You can help is to do what the other person needs, and for this purpose it is necessary to breathe under the demands of, and to feel it inside of us asks for a greater choice. I was thinking that, perhaps, we may have never thought of touching on the which you can produce a few million of the meeting. What do we do with that$9 million?! We decided to follow a life, and the question inside of me has changed. No wonder, if a Vampire is going to be fine, but if she is going to marry with my clothes on.

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