That is a wonderful thing! Lady Gaga goes live on TV, and he says that he can’t make the announcement that I was selected to do this


Jimmy Fallon has announced an appearance by Lady Gaga on her talk show on Wednesday (1/4) in order to tell the “great news”, but that was not the case. Gaga appeared via video, but he said he could no more tell you what they were promised. Gaga has announced that they will announce something… maybe on the next Monday. It was an unusual.

“I can’t do [fazer o anúncio agora]Jimmy. I can’t talk about right now. I’m sorry to say. It’s just that it’s a very weird thing,” he said of the singer, on this moment, Jimmy turned to the screen of the mobile device to the camera, and she stopped by to see him, “oh? Jimmy? I do not see it. Am I on TV?”.

Jimmy replied that, yes, it was live on TV all over the United States. Gaga, clearly she was in the middle of important links, the online meetings work, and they tried to explain the situation:

“I can’t tell you everything right now, because I’m pounding out the details, and I’ve got a lot of calls to make. You can call me, uh, Friday? Friday is a great thing. This is the COVID-19. I’m sorry too, for not being able to talk about it now,” he said, “you can work on your schedule? You can do it on Monday. I promise you that you will be in on Monday”.